BREAKING NEWS: Rory McIlroy withdraws from the Honda Classic
By mustang6560 on 3/1/13
In a bizarre series of events, Rory McIlroy withdrew from the Honda Classic.

Rory opened with a respectable even-par 70 in the first round yesterday. However, his second round went from bad to worse in a hurry earlier this morning. He opened with a par on the 10th (his first), the doubled 11, bogeyed 13, tripled 16, bogeyed 17, and hit his second shot on 18 into the water before he decided to withdraw. He shook both of his playing partners hands and walked off the course without finishing the 18th.

The Twittersphere is blowing up with reaction to Rory's withdrawal:
David Dusek tweeted, "With only 4 1/2 rounds played in 2013, it's not fair to say the new equipment is Rory's problem. Sample size still too small, however ... Rory's swing is clearly off and unless he announces an injury today, his confidence must be in the toilet. He couldn't start '13 worse."

Jason Sobel tweeted, "What a difference: One year ago, Rory McIlroy won Honda and became No. 1 in the world. This year, he plays 26 holes and leaves mysteriously."

Conor Nagle tweeted, "#RoryMcIlroy just walked off the course in Florida. Hit second shot into water on 18, walked directly to his car (was +7 through 7 holes)."

Doug Ferguson tweeted, "McIlroy walks off course at Honda and says he's not mentally there. But not sure what that means yet."

Eamon Lynch tweeted, "Rory McIlroy's showing today was downright Papal: showing an admirable willingness to pull out early because he's not mentally there."

Brock Mackenzie tweeted, "Good thing Rory just signed an endorsement deal with Bose, he's really gonna need those noise canceling headphones now..."

Stephanie Wei tweeted, "Apparently Rory said he wasn't "mentally there." That definitely seemed the case yesterday. It was weird, can't explain it but something off"

Steve Elkington tweeted, "So the "bear Trap" claims another victim ?.... #RoryMcIlroy"

Update on Friday, March 1, 2013 at 10:30 AM by mustang6560

Rory released a statement about his withdrawal. Turns out he was suffering from a "sore wisdom tooth".
"I sincerely apologize to (t)he Honda Classic and PGA Tour for my sudden withdrawal. I have been suffering with a sore wisdom tooth, which is due to come out in the near future," McIlroy said in a statement. "It began bothering me again last night, so I relieved it with Advil. It was very painful again this morning, and I was simply unable to concentrate. It was really bothering me and had begun to affect my playing partners. I came here with every intention of defending my Honda Classic title. Even though my results haven't revealed it, I really felt like I was rounding a corner. This is one of my favorite tournaments of the year and I regret having to make the decision to withdraw, but it was one I had to make."

Update on Friday, March 1, 2013 at 2:20 PM by mustang6560

In addition to the official statement, Rory tweeted his apologies to the Honda Classic saying he is "gutted" he had to withdraw.

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Kickntrue says:
He was in a bad place mentally... haha. maybe he should play more than 2 competitive rounds per 6 months.
bkuehn1952 says:
I guess that is just one of the many differences between Rory and me. When I am not mentally there and hacking up the course, I use the balance of the round as a chance to figure out the problem. Of course, I paid to play while Rory is paid to play.

Gee, I hope Wozilroy aren't having issues.
Kurt the Knife says:
I hope Nike gets their money's worth.
GolfinHawg says:
Should have stayed with Titleist.. But had to take the big $$$ to go to a company that makes good shoes..Ok decent shoes..
mjaber says:
Next week, he'll have a swoosh painted on his Titleist clubs...
mjaber says:
@GolfinHawg... their gloves aren't bad either.
Wes11point5 says:
Elk need to check himself!
jgideon84 says:
Think he's a catholic? it was too easy, sorry.
Jattruia says:
I just heard it was his wisdom tooth bothering him. Is that true??
Trip says:
I guess his wisdom teeth were upset by the switch to Nike. They thought it wasn't a "wise" move... I'll be here all week...
CeeBee says:
What a p..ssy.
GBogey says:
My guess is that if he had been -3 for the day instead of +7 he would have played through the pain.
legitimatebeef says:
He's got swing troubles I think. Putting stroke doesn't look good either. +7 thru 8, looking at another bogey on the 9th, that's enough to make most of us mad. For a Rory, for a world number one, that kind of score just does not happen, it cannot happen. The ego will not allow and that's probably why he WD. Michelle Wie did it before, I think she was en route to possibly not breaking 90 when her injury quote-unquote happened.
Matt F says:
Tigers done it before...WD so he doesn't get a MC. They all should grind it out instead of heading for the carpark.
joe jones says:
auzzie 1. Be specific. When?
H Head says:

See Above...Tiger WD from The Players after a 42 on the front....leg problems, was limping on course..had to laugh..was seen limping, but when TV cameras followed him into parking lot he shot up a flight of stairs 2 at a time like a little kid ... He is the leader of the prima donnas
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