Jason Sobel rips Rory for his walk-off withdrawal
By mustang6560 on 3/1/13
Following Rory McIlroy's walk-off withdrawal, Jason Sobel penned a fiery rant on GolfChannel.com. In his article, Jason lectures Rory for "quitting" in the middle of the second round of the Honda Classic — as if he was his own son.
Whatever the case – whether it really was a toothache or he wasn't in a good place mentally or one led to the other – chances are we'll learn plenty about his reasoning, since the game's No. 1-ranked player has always been honest about his thoughts and opinions.

And he deserves a little honesty from us right now, too.

So here it is: Rory, you do not, ever, under any circumstances, pack up and go home simply because things aren't going your way.

This is beyond poor form. This is quitting. This is John Daly territory. This is the absolute opposite of what we expect and demand from our superstars.
I get it. Jason is an award-winning "senior writer" on GolfChannel.com. In fact, the Golf Writers Association of American just gave him his second first-place award earlier today. But, dude, get off your high horse.

Rory doesn't have a history of suspect behavior so don't try and act like he does. He withdrew from the Honda as the defending champion, in the middle of a bad round, and he cited a weak excuse ("sore wisdom tooth"). It's bad form — no one is disputing that. But to lecture him from behind a computer screen without knowing the entire story is "poor form" on your part and is the "opposite of what we expect and demand" from our senior writers.

No wonder Tiger doesn't like talking to members of the golf media...

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Banker85 says:
What a fucking tool this SObel is. I have experienced pain like what Rory was feeling and know that it would be very hard to concentrate and play at a very high level we have been accustom too. I am sure Sobel never left work early because he wasnt feeling better.
Kurt the Knife says:
I dunno 'bout this. What's really wrong with going home if you're highly unlikely to make the cut anyway? And what is this stuff about demands on "superstars"? I suppose some people may develop expectations but I don't see that as Rory's problem. I believe he is only responsible for his business/legal obligations. Is finishing a tournament a contractual obligation? Could be a poor strategic business decision but I don't get what Sobel's getting all foamy about.
Kurt the Knife says:
The TV would lose interest in him anyway with rounds like that.
Wes11point5 says:
Those who can do. Those who can't do become commentators (Except for Nick Faldo and Johnny Miller).
Duke of Hazards says:
Jason who? Anyway, it's just a story because Rory is young and a bit inexperienced with this situation and didn't have the wherewithal to grab his wrist or something and plan out a more elegant exit. I'm sure that any number of other players (including Tiger in the past couple of years) have done the same thing when they were stinking it up. It's likely 'accepted' form to bow out in this manner, with the PGA using the medical excuse as a shield from sponsor blowback. Toothache was probably the best (albeit lame) thing they could come up with after the fact.
Werepuppie says:
What about the fans in all this?I am sure a number of them attended simply because they wanted to watch Rory play.
It is very poor form to quit in the middle of a round.It is bad for TV,bad for fans,and bad for golf.These folks pay his salary after all.
I am particuarly sensitive to this because my favorite golfer,Greg Norman does this all the time lately.I wait up till 2am to watch him play some tournament in Australia or someplace,the coverage begins with the announcement that he has withdrawn for some reason.
I will give Rory the benefit of the doubt since this is his first one I know of.In the future he should remember the maxim that:With great power comes great responsibility"
1hawkeye1 says:
Rory doesn't owe me or anyone else, especially Robel, anything. He is perfectly within his rights to cut it short. I don't any less of him for it either.
sticksboy says:
I have a huge issue with a professional athlete quitting. Other athletes like Randy Moss and LeBron James got ostricized for quitting, why should golfers be viewed differently? With the thousands of fans that he has, some children, you are quitting on them and showing them that quitting is ok. All professional athletes have pain at some point in their career, they dont all quit. It is sad to say that some professional athletes are viewed by children as heroes, and this is a pefect example why they shouldnt be. Just because I have a bad day at work doesnt mean I have the luxury of walking out of the office, and expect the next day I will have a job!
legitimatebeef says:
Sobel is straight up unfiltered douche. I don't know much about the guy I'm just basing this on the articles of his I have read. How does he have such a high profile writing job. He has the insight and perspective of a sixth year senior frat douche. Obviously what Rory did was bad form, but all of this "WE PAY YOUR SALARY YOU OWE US WE DESERVE BETTER FROM YOU" blowharding...how does this even get published? This is the worst kind of predictable, one-dimensional, cliche build-em-up-then-tear-em-down, stereotypical hack writer nonsense. This guy is a discredit to his whole trade and that is saying a lot.
Coach Chuck says:
You don't walk off, man up! The tooth excuse was to late to be true. I coach a high school team, I have had kids that wanted to quit in the middle of a round with all kinds of excuses,but it is always because of their score. I don't allow it, I tell them to finish and if they want to turn in their bag after the match I'll take it,nobody has quit the team yet.
jwsilvers says:
I really like rory but sobel is right on this one. You dont get a pass on this. He should have grinded it out. He just wasnt getting his way out there and it wasnt coming easy so he had a tantrum and quit. I really saw a side of rory that I didnt think he had. Were is the comparison to tiger now. What about Fowler firing a dismal 77 on the first round at torrey to bounce back and shoot a 65 on fri to make the cut. Rory has just shown that he has a long way to go in this game to be a star.
ToddRobb says:
It's pretty obvious Rory was lying about his wisdom tooth being that he didn't mention it until after he spoke with his publicist. It's not the first time someone has walked off the course for playing like crap. Phil withdrew because of "mental fatigue" last year. Look at almost every tournaments final standings and you will see someone "WD", sometimes two or three. The crime is not that he walked off the course, it's the lie, it's always the lie. Is he entitled to be an immature 23 year old, absolutely. The problem is when you are the number one golfer in the world there are people that have paid top dollar to see you play, sponsors have paid millions because you are there, tournaments hire larger staff and devote more resources because you are there. They plan on you competing at least two whole days and probably four. Rory is finding out the hard way that it's not easy being on top of the mountain.
TimmyBede says:
To an extent, Sobel is right. If a friend walked off in the middle of a round when he was playing poorly, I would be upset. In this case, its a professional tournament, and Rory wants his name next to some of the best. Well, the best don't quit when things get tough. They rise to the top.
carv712 says:
Rory has a REAL obligation to play out the round. If he didnt, than he wouldn't have made up some bs excuse after the fact about a sore wisdom tooth.
ppinkert says:
If Golf is Rory's "Job" then how many sick days does he get? I wonder how many of us might have cut work early because we had Chinese for lunch that just turned out to be a little crappy. I'm just saying because I think Rory's a big boy and should be the only one responsible for his game. Sounds like Sobel wanted to write about the Train wreak and is miffed because Rory gave him a big fat, "Denied!"
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