What does "FTB" mean?
By mustang6560 on 3/6/13
Since he quit in the middle of the second round of the Honda Classic last Friday, Rory McIlroy has been busy trying to repair his public image.

He issued a public apology immediately following his withdrawal and he did an interview with Michael Bamberger last Sunday acknowledging his decision to quit "was not the right thing to do."

Despite the bad press, Rory was almost over the hurdle. The only thing left to do in his damage control plan was to publicly apologize in his pre-WGC-Cadillac Championship press conference today. Then, he could go back to trying to repair his swing, which is in need of some tender loving care.

Yesterday, Rory almost jeopardized his plan. He tweeted, "For every complex problem, there is a simple solution. #FTB". At first glance, the tweet appeared innocent. It was part of an H.L. Mencken quote. But, what did the hashtag mean?
While his followers were wondering what "FTB" stood for, Ronan Keating, the Irish popstar, tweeted back to McIlroy, "loving the hash tag bro. £FTB".

Keating apparently has a tattoo on the inside of left wrist which reads, "F--- the begrudgers". McIlroy tweeted back to Keating that Shane Lowry, his fellow Irish pro, "told me you would like it".
Rory quickly deleted the exchange, which indicated he knew it wasn't a good idea.

He was asked about the hashtag in his presser earlier this morning and he said it was "an inside joke among friends". Luckily, the press didn't force the issue. Otherwise, Rory would be in damage control part two.

Clearly, Rory's self-assessment last Friday is correct — he's "not in a good place mentally". As much as people want him to add another tournament before The Masters, I'm starting to think Rory needs more time away from the spotlight so he can re-charge his mental battery. As of today, he only has two tournaments left before Augusta — the WGC this week and the Shell Houston Open in two weeks.

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Kurt the Knife says:
GBogey says:
Why would he need to recharge? He just had two months off and has hardly played (and according to reports not much practice). What he needs is to play. I am amazed but the pro golf mentality of I have to work my way into shape during the season and I haven't played much while I took a week off but I still expect to play sharp. Other sports have pre-seasons so that atheletes are ready from day one. It would seem to me, that if my career was only 25 events a year, that I would want to make as good a showing as possible in all 25. Sorry, had to get that off my chest but maybe it just shows that these guys make too much dough. The next rant will be how they whine when they have to play more than 18 holes in a day.
legitimatebeef says:
Ronan Keating and Rory telling the world to F off, what a couple of badasses.
mjaber says:

hurtle: to rush violently; move with great speed

hurdle: difficulty or obstacle: a difficulty or obstacle that has to be overcome
bobhooe says:
flippin the bird
SpaceMaNy0 says:
My thought was 'F&!$ that b*%!*' referring to the Woz half.
falcon50driver says:
space, me too
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