Turning green over a Green Jacket
By Torleif Sorenson on 3/6/13
(Cue the Law & Order sound effect)

  • Augusta National Golf Club of Augusta, Georgia

  • Green Jacket Auctions of Denville, New Jersey

  • Stephen Pyles, a Florida-based doctor

THE PIÈCE DE RÉSISTANCE: 1959 Masters champion Art Wall's green jacket.

THE STORY: Most golf enthusiasts know the story that when a golfer wins the Masters Tournament, he is allowed to retain possession of his green jacket for one year, after which the jacket must be kept at Augusta National Golf Club.

According to Jim James, Augusta National, Inc.'s senior director of club and hospitality operation, four green jackets belonging to previous Masters champions — George Archer (1969), Gay Brewer (1967), Art Wall (1959), and Fuzzy Zoeller (1979) — were stolen from the club, a discovery made last June. The two employees who apparently admitted to taking the jackets have since been fired, says James.

In the meantime and as Haley Thayer of the Dallas Morning News reports, A Florida-based doctor named Stephen Pyles says he bought the Art Wall jacket at auction last April. Pyles has attempted to have Dallas-based Heritage Auctions (apparently, the parent firm of Green Jacket Auctions) sell the jacket at auction. But on Monday morning, Dallas County District Court judge Emily Tobolowsky ordered the auction house to maintain possession of the jacket while the actual ownership can be sorted out.

For their part, the would-be auctioneers claim that "all Champions prior to 1961 were allowed to keep their Green Jackets and have never been required to return their jackets to the club." They then cite the case of Doug Ford's jacket from 1957.

We at oobgolf.com have the feeling that this is not over. In fact, this writer has the distinct feeling that as the mysterious mystery of the green jacket continues to unfold, we will follow every thread of this continuing stoooooory, until it is all sewn up.

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Image via Green Jacket Auctions

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mjaber says:
And in barely related news, Cobra is releasing a "Masters Green" driver...
falcon50driver says:
Our writer is well suited for this job, tailor made for him you might say. I'm green with envy and I'm not sugar coating it out of pocket.
frankteo714 says:
I'd return it to the club in exchange for at least a 1 year membership at Augusta.
mjaber says:
@frankteo... I'd return it to the club, after they made sure that their app was working properly on all mobile devices.
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