On one leg, fighting cancer, with poor vision, 70-year-old hits ace
By mustang6560 on 3/7/13
This may be the best hole in one story ever!
A ONE-LEGGED pensioner who has cancer and poor eyesight hit a hole-in-one at St Andrews.

Joe McLaughlin, 70, aced the par-three fifth on the Jubilee course as he played with pal Dennis Leckie.

Joe, who is only able to play thanks to a prosthetic limb specially designed for golf, said: "I used a seven iron and kept looking after I'd hit the shot. The ball just disappeared. I'd been playing rubbish to that point.
So let me get this right. Joe only has one leg, he can't see well, he has cancer and he still managed to ace the fifth hole on the Jubilee Course at St. Andrews? He should be an inspiration to every golfer out there who's yet to record an ace of their own!

His reaction to the ace is more than awesome.
"I parked up in my buggy and told Dennis to go and fetch the ball out of the hole."
I'm at a loss for words! Somebody please find this gent across the pond and buy him a drink for me!

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Image via The Daily Record

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bducharm says:
VERY COOL indeed! The first hole in one I ever witnessed was an older gentleman in Pittsburgh. He could only see about 50 yards or so. When the ball went in I screamed "You made it!" He replied, "No I didn't!" I assured him the ball went in. He was pretty excited when he saw it in the cup!
mjaber says:
Did he do it with borrowed clubs?
bobhooe says:
that's probably why he didn't get out of the cart, he knew it doesn't count if he used his friends 7 iron
Panerai111 says:
Torleif Sorenson says:
MJaber: 1000 points. Somebody please make sure @Kickntrue sees this story!
Werepuppie says:
What course in Pittsburgh?
CeeBee says:
Kurt the Knife says:
dang. Hate to think I'll need to poke my eye out and cut off a leg to get my first ace.
mcmac55 says:
@mjaber and @bobhooe He did not do it with borrowed clubs. He owns two sets of mizuno's and one set of Callaways. He didn't get out the cart simply because cart golf at St. Andrews still involves a lot of walking. His friend fetched the ball from the hole 'cause it meant he could get to the next hole faster.
mcmac55 says:
p.s. that was his fifth hole in one....first since loosing his leg.
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