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Pre-teen qualifies for European Tour event
By mustang6560 on 3/20/13
SkySports reports Ye Wocheng will unseat Guan Tianlang as the youngest player ever to play in a European Tour event. The 12-year-old was one of three players to qualify for the Volvo China Open in May.
Ye Wocheng survived a late wobble to grab a place at the Volvo China Open.

Ye's two round two-under-par total of 142 at the Western China qualifier earned him a spot at European and OneAsia Tour event which starts on May 2.

He will break the record of his compatriot Guan Tianlang, who competed last year at the age of 13.
Guan Tianlang captured our collective hearts and minds last year by becoming the youngest player ever to compete in an European Tour event as a 13-year-old. Now 13 seems old as pre-teens are starting to play against the big boys.

The good news for Guan Tianlang is he still has the title of the youngest player ever to qualify for The Masters, which starts next month. Take that Ye Wocheng!

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dtak84 says:
So... Next year baby steps out of stroller for every shot? This younger and younger thing is getting crazy.
Kurt the Knife says:
WTH! If its like their olympic gymnast team, the kid's probably 9-10.
joe jones says:
Lets start a a new tour called the preteen tour. If you have pubic hair you qualify.
bkuehn1952 says:
He's the next Liger Von Woods!
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