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Three for Tom
By Torleif Sorenson on 3/20/13
World Golf Hall-of-Famer Tom Watson announced on a RyderCup.com webcast this morning that he is reducing his number of captain's picks for the 2014 United States Ryder Cup team from four to three.

Watson is an intelligent and thoughtful man; you have to be in order to graduate from Stanford University with a bachelor's in psychology. But the latest evidence is that Watson is smart enough to have consulted at least three recent Ryder Cup captains, including Paul Azinger, whom Watson says was "behind it 100 percent."

Some slight adjustments to the points system are also in play:
  • The points system will begin on October 13, 2013 at the Frys.com Open, the first event of the 2014 PGA Tour season.

  • Tournaments opposite the majors and WGC events will be awarded half-points.
As before, points are doubled for the four major championships in 2014.

Webcast host Brian Katrek of the PGA of America also questioned Watson about potential assistant captains; Watson explained his thoughts:
"Well, I've been mulling over possible assistants; there are probably about ten players that I've thought about and I really haven't come down to a conclusion yet about who is going to be my assistant.

"I think they certainly play an integral part in the process of helping the team do what it needs to do to win. The bottom line is that the players themselves are the catalyst. They have to be their own catalyst, and the assistants are going to be there to kind of help them out, kind of defray some of the things go on, that kind of get in the way of the process."
The webcast was good to see, although the PGA of America blundered by having Katrek and Watson in an extremely dark, dim, and poorly-lit room with a black backdrop. A more appropriate setting would have been a Kansas City-area golf course clubhouse with part of the course as the backdrop.

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Image via RyderCup.com

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They were in Kansas City; there was a total solar eclipse and the North Koreans hacked into Kansas Power & Light's grid creating the brown-out.
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Or at least that is what I read on the internet, which is always true, right?
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If it's on the Internet, it must be true. I read that on the Internet!!!
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