Yani Tseng overslept pro-am tee time, gets DQ'd
By mustang6560 on 3/21/13
It's been a rough week for Yani Tseng.

First, she lost her No. 1 ranking to Stacy Lewis. Then, she missed her pro-am tee time and subsequently was disqualified from the Kia Classic as the defending champion.
"I'm embarrassed to admit that I wasn't feeling well last night and accidentally overslept and missed my tee time for the pro-am this morning," Tseng said in a statement released by the tour. "I was extremely excited to compete this week to defend my title at the Kia Classic and to try to regain the No. 1 spot. This was an unfortunate mistake and I want to apologize to Kia, my sponsors and all of the fans."
This is a lose-lose-lose situation. Yani loses because she doesn't get to defend her title, the tournament loses because one of the main draws isn't in the field, and the LPGA loses because the sponsors are upset. The solution is simple — Mike Whan needs to adopt a rule similar to the PGA Tour. If a player misses their pro-am start, you fine them and make them do extra sponsor events. You don't disqualify them.

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Image via Flickr, Keith Allison

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bducharm says:
Nathan, I disagree. Why should there not be consequences??? Our society has gotten so lax about accepting responsibility for their actions! Not everyone deserves a trophy!!!
mustang6560 says:
bducharm- I'm not saying don't punish the players, they should be punished. However, DQ'ing hurts the tournament and the tour more than it hurts the player. Outside of the "embarrassment", Yani can relax this weekend. Fine them a large about $25k, $50k, etc. and make them fulfill extra sponsor obligations.
jcstoll says:
bducharm - the point was that DQ'ing penalizes others besides the offender. Seems like paying a fine and having to do extra sponsor events would be appropriated consequences.
legitimatebeef says:
Screw the fine, it might not deter the top (i.e. rich) players. Make them pick up trash after the tournament is what I say. In any case Nathan makes a good if not obvious point. Punish the player and not the tournament. This policy is foolishly idealistic, and there also seems to be an element of moral posturing to it. It reminds me of a coach or a drill sergeant punishing the whole group for one person goofing off.
bducharm says:
Nathan (et al) - I agree that DQ'ing Yani hurts more than just her. AND if she realizes that, then maybe she will make sure it doesn't happen again!

@beef - you said "It reminds me of a coach or a drill sergeant punishing the whole group for one person goofing off." - that works! Trust me! If someone screwed up in basic training and we all got punished, that guy didn't screw up again!!!

Sorry guys - agree to disagree here!!!
srogers13 says:
So bd, what about some little girl who was being taken to the tournament just to see Tseng play?
falcon50driver says:
I agree with my fellow texan. DQ the person who can't get their lazy butt out of bed. They will lose out on more than the one tournament, they'll start losing their fan base, sponsors, ranking etc. And yes, whats wrong with moral posturing? There is a horrific lack of responsibility in people today compared to times past.(wow I sound like my dad)
jcstoll says:
Good grief ... she was late for an effing pro-am, not texting while drunk-driving!
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