Tiger, Tweets, and Boats... Oh My.
By Torleif Sorenson on 3/21/13
Despite what you may have heard through the grapevine, I find gossip really distasteful. But until some storyline more gargantuan than Justin Rose's opening-round 65 at the Arnold Palmer Invitational emerges from Bay Hill, we're just going to have to settle for some dirty laundry. Like multiple vaccinations at the doctor's office, it's probably best that we just get this over-and-done-with in one shot.

At least there's a worthwhile idea at the end.


As with much of his life, Tiger Woods usually does everything as a result of tactical planning and careful thought (except those extramarital liaisons). As it turns out, this is the case for his photos with Olympic skiing star Lindsey Vonn. As reported by the AP's Doug Ferguson, Tiger offered the method to his proverbial madness:
"Well, it's very simple: We're very happy where we're at, but also we wanted to limit the 'stalkarazzi' and all those sleazy websites that are out there following us. I've had situations where it's been very dangerous for my kids and the extent they'll go to. We basically devalued the first photos. Unfortunately, that's just the way it is in our society right now, and we felt like it was the best thing to do. I'm very happy about it."
Unfortunately, that hasn't kept the stalkerazzi from bothering Woods, even when all he's doing is watching his daughter's baseball game.


Nick Allen of the UK Telegraph reports on the latest battle in the war between Tiger and Elin — who has the bigger yacht. Allen's story includes an aerial photograph of Woods' yacht, Privacy, being docked right next to that of Elin's new boyfriend, 54-year-old Christopher Cline, an American mining executive who has amassed a fortune from coal investments. Cline's yacht, Mine Games, is 164 feet long — a whopping nine feet longer than Privacy.

Now THAT's gotta be embarrassing.


Lest you drown in Tiger-flavored talk, Golf.com has stepped in to save the proverbial day with this Twitter tirade from Rory Sabbatini's ex-wife, Amy. If, in fact, the six-time PGA Tour winner was two-timing his wife, then he deserves to be torched over his behavior.

But it turns out that Amy Sabbatini doesn't seem to have her brain in the right place, either:

At least she has enough brain cells left in that swirling, tangled mass of gray matter to figure out that she needs to pause during her "reality show" frolic at least long enough to feed her children.

Just 15 hours later, she tweeted a picture of herself with Mrs. Bob Estes, evidently in some sort of nightmare version of a beauty pageant:

We live in a free society, which means that people are also free to do monumentally idiotic things in full view of the public. It's too bad that this sort of thing cannot be limited to MTV, and/or "celeb-retards" like Paris Hilton, any of the Kardashian women, and the tragic-train-wreck-just-waiting-to-happen Lindsay Lohan. If PGA Tour commissioner Tim Finchem had any power to suspend Amy Sabbatini and Liz Estes, it might help; they are an embarrassment to our game.

Better yet, Amy and Lizzy should be forced to spend several days volunteering at Feed My Starving Children, where your humble correspondent will be at 6:00 pm CT this evening.

If you would like, you can contribute to this worthwhile, low-overhead, non-profit organization. They will thank you, your tax accountant will thank you, and you will also be a gargantuan help to kids who genuinely need it.

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Image via Tiger Woods' Facebook

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Kurt the Knife says:
lots of worthy charities out there. Wise to always look AIP listings or at www.charitywatch.org/
Matt F says:
Rory will be better off without this particular nut. He might actually regain some brain cells and act like a decent human being...all the time.
jasonfish11 says:

There are also lots of aweful charities out there *caugh* Susan G Kolman *caugh*.

Please look up any company you donate to before writing a check.

I use to do a lot of accounting for not for profits and some of them are aweful.

Keep an eye out for how much they pay their executives compared to other companies with similar revenue figures. Dont pay attention to what the charity says it gives back, as these numbers are easy to manipulate. For example many will say they give $0.85/dollar to what ever cause they are fighting. This is often a true but very manipulated number.

I've seen some charities count salaries for the executives as money going back to the cause. Reason being that if they didn't pay the executives the charity wouldn't exist and nothing would go to the cause.

I could go on but do some research before cutting a check.
Torleif Sorenson says:
KtK and JasonFish11, you're both 100% spot on. FWIW, Feed My Starving Children rated 4.0 stars from CharityNavigator.org, and their operation is set up so efficiently that we were able to pack-and-pallet 81 cases of food in 90 minutes.
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