Fairways Meet Runways
By Torleif Sorenson on 3/26/13
While the idea of bringing a bit of golf to airports isn't new, this has generally been restricted to golf clothing and a few related accessories. But now, Adams Golf and Southwest Airlines have launched (pun intended) a multi-prong marketing partnership that is hitting airwaves and airports.

Adams Golf's endorsing tour players, including Aaron Baddeley, Donald Constable, Kenny Perry, and Jeff Overton, will "paint the wagon" with co-branded tour staff bags, club headcovers, and hats at selected events during the 2013 season.

Golf Channel's "Morning Drive" program included the marketing campaign launch on Monday morning and will include future travel segments called "Runways To Fairways," hosted by TGC's Matt Ginella. Various television commercials are also in the works.

Monday also saw a "Twitter flight" from Orlando to Houston, which took Baddeley and Perry from the Arnold Palmer Invitational to the Shell Houston Open.

At Houston's Hobby Airport on Monday, Adams Golf set up two hitting bays and practice putting greens, where travelers could not only sample Adams Golf clubs and Yes! putters, but could also participate in "beat the pro" contests.

Regardless of how effective this advertising and marketing campaign turns out, this writer hopes that they manage to attract many non-golf-playing travelers into the game — women especially.

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Image via Adams Golf

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metnorm says:
Man I was hoping this was about a course with an airport runway in the middle of it like the one I played a couple years back. Local rules tell you not to hit a shot while plane is on the runway or coming in for landing. Also you were not to retrieve a ball that comes to rest on the runway even if no planes are in sight. www.oobgolf.com/courses/course/19159/Airway_Mead was the course.
joe jones says:
Makes me almost want to fly somewhere again. Oh wait. On second thought I'll stay home and avoid all of the inconvenience.
falcon50driver says:
Better brush up on your short field procedures before landing at, K30, Gansevoort NY. It's 2200 feet long and 24, yes 24, feet wide. Looks like a cool place to go. Thanks for the link metnorm, I'd love to play there, the pictures look nice.
Kickntrue says:
wow- M2D- I'm late to the party but congrats on the new plane!!!
falcon50driver says:
Hi Kickntrue, Man I miss you, I'm still checking in every once in a while..Send me a private message I'd like to hear from you.
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