These are pint-sized compared to the
proposed North Sea behemoths
Cutting Off The Nose To Spite The Face
By Torleif Sorenson on 3/27/13
Taking a page from the notorious Saddam Hussein's "scorched earth" tactics of setting Kuwaiti oil wells on fire in 1991, Scotland's government has given a wind energy company permission to destroy the idyllic sea views from Aberdeenshire. Three companies operating under the umbrella of European Offshore Wind Deployment Centre have been given permission to build eleven wind turbines that will be 651 feet (198 meters) tall. That's high enough to dominate the skyline in most American cities, to say nothing for the United Kingdom.

Given their planned location just 1.5 miles from shore, these monstrosities would not only spoil the views out to sea, but would be tied for the seventh-tallest buildings in all of the UK, were they habitable structures.

Why would some people in the Scottish government approve such a controversial move? Amongst other things, to ruin the atmosphere of Trump International Golf Links in Scotland, where developer Donald Trump recently announced plans for a second seaside course. Say what you wish about Mr. Trump's style of doing business, he is plenty smart enough to recognize it as an insult to the private sector and to development of new and carefully-designed links courses.

Since reasonable people would never put a fleet of wind turbines at the rim of the Grand Canyon, off the White Cliffs of Dover, next to Uluru, off the Monterey Peninsula or Cape Cod, or around the Statue of Liberty, Mr. Trump's assessment appears to be the most accurate:
"This was a purely political decision. We will spend whatever monies are necessary to see to it that these huge and unsightly industrial wind turbines are never constructed."
This decision strongly hints that the environmental "true believers" within Scotland's government have decided to emulate King Pyrrhus of Epirus for the purpose of trying to make a political statement.

Here's hoping that more intelligent people prevail in Scotland.

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Image via Flickr, Dave Buchanan

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mjaber says:
Some people might say, I'd rather have clean electricity that lowered my dependance on foreign oil, and limited environmental impact than to let Mr. Trump enjoy "pretty views" from his golf course. If not for the disruption to the fishing industry, I would have no problem with them being built around Cape Cod, if it meant my electric bill would go down. Hell, I'd put one in my backyard if I could get it zoned properly.
Jattruia says:
Not a very unbiased write-up here. I'm with mjaber here. We don't all picture these as 'monstrosities.' I've seen these from CA to Costa Rica, and I've always liked them. They may not belong everywhere, but in most cases, I have to say I like them. They're quiet, peaceful, and promote clean energy. I wish we had more of them, and I think they'd definitely fit in places like the Cape, if done correctly (ie: impact on fishing industry.)
joe jones says:
Who cares about The Donald's view. He bullied, payed off pols and ruined the natural landscape to put in a course that the local,s didn't want. The same public officials that allowed him to proceed have now gone against his wishes As they say abroad "bugger off Mr. Trump".That old fart that stood his ground and stayed must be laughing his arse off. Donald probably feels it is the liberals conspiring against him.
Dusty23 says:
The wheels have been moving forward for awhile to establish a wind farm in Nantucket sound off the coast of Cape Cod, I believe they are close to going up. While having grown up on the coast and spending a good part of my life on the ocean, I can appreciate looking out over an open expanse of water, but people will come to look out at something in that water too.
Kurt the Knife says:
Seems like a field of tide turbines might make all parties happy.
GolferAnt says:
i like wind energy
patrickemerson says:
The fact that this ticks off the donald makes me like it. He sends out a press release every time he takes a dump to remind everyone he craps on a solid gold toilet because he's classy like that.
Kurt the Knife says:
Trump consistently demonstrates many behaviours common to psycopaths. I regard a person who refers to the residents of the area he wants to invade as "disgusting pigs" as a deeply disturbed individual. I really don't pay much attention to him except when his industries trample the basic rights of those who posess fewer sources of power. Which happened in Scotland and will happen elsewhere. Just hope his focus doesn't fall on owning or consuming something you love.
mjaber says:
Is it truly golf if there isn't a windmill?
Kurt the Knife says:
joe jones says:
Mjaber. Donald provides the clowns mouth.
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