The EWGA's Boston chapter is no small clique!
Golf Channel Boosts Their Partnership with the EWGA
By Torleif Sorenson on 3/28/13
A late, great, legendary, and highly influential PGA of America teaching professional, spoke one of the truths about the game we love:
"A husband should never try to teach his wife to play golf or drive a car. A wife should never try to teach her husband to play bridge."
— Harvey Penick (1905-1995), legendary PGA teaching professional
True or not, The Golf Channel on Wednesday announced a new initiative with one of their partner organizations; Golf Channel hosts and personalities will begin appearing at various Executive Women's Golf Association events around the United States this year. This represents one of the major efforts to involve more women in the game.

For those of you who are not yet familiar, the EWGA is a 501(c)(6) non-profit organization that serves as a nation-wide golf, teaching, and social networking organization with over 120 chapters across North America and around the world. Many of the 14,000 (and counting) women who have already joined the EWGA have also found it to be an excellent organization for professional and business networking. In today's business landscape, golf is widely used as a business and networking tool. EWGA Chief Executive Officer Pam Swenson highly recommends that women jump in, rather than avoid it because of preconceived notions:
"Learn how to play! Don't be left home alone or in the office on a Friday, when relationships are being built on the golf course! Particularly for women who are business professionals, golf is becoming an important skill set to have. The EWGA provides an environment that fosters that enthusiasm in a comfortable setting, while reinforcing the ethics behind the game.

"And if you're a guy who has a wife who's interested, get her involved!"
The golf industry has made tremendous investments in women already, with the "Get Golf Ready" program having women as 62% of the participants. Over 3,500 courses now offer certified "Get Golf Ready" classes, with an attractive five-lesson package for $99 — and you don't even need to have equipment already in order to try the game. Participants can "test the waters" and see if they like the game; more than just a few women have taken up the game, then found their way to the EWGA.

Also, don't let the "executive" word fool you; the EWGA counts thousands of engineers, teachers, doctors, nurses, college professors, students, and other women from a variety of fields as members. The more women who take up the game, the better.

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Image via Executive Women's Golf Association, Boston Chapter

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joe jones says:
Fair warning. Please do not submit your comments about women playing slow and holding up all of you macho men. In seven years of being a ranger/player assistant I concluded that women play faster as a group than our more serious mens clubs.They obviously don't hit the ball as far but they are straighter, don't get in trouble like the men and are not as slow deciding what club to hit. And by the way. They also usually play by the rules.
Torleif Sorenson says:
Joe Jones is right on; Mark Foley, the head PGA teaching professional at Manitou Ridge GC here in Minnesota told me a few years ago that he enjoys teaching women in no small part because they tend to be better listeners and seem more focused on short-game fundamentals.
mjaber says:
If this group was the EMGA, would there be protests about discrimination?
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