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#dufnering May Result In Fine, Suspension For Jason Dufner
By mustang6560 on 4/1/13
According to Geoff Shackelford, the PGA Tour may fine and suspend Jason Dufner for causing a Twitter hashtag craze last week.
According to a well-placed source with direct knowledge of PGA Tour Commissioner Tim Finchem's thinking and speaking exclusively to GeoffShackelford.com, Dufner's objectionable sitting position, zoned-out expression and subversive arm-tuck during a Dallas-area school photo-opportunity fueled unacceptable copycats around the country. Tweets by Dufner peers Bubba Watson, Rickie Fowler, Rory McIlroy, Brandt Snedeker, Keegan Bradley and Luke Donald distracted fans from last week's Shell Houston Open and even had Finchem considering fines for the copycat Tweeters before he was talked out of that idea.
The "well-placed source" also says Tim is angrier about the "dufnering" hashtag than Tiger Woods' sex scandal and Vijay Singh's PED scandal.
"Finchem felt the Dufner photo appearing on Deadspin was way worse than what Vijay [Singh] did and said Dufner even makes Tiger look like a choir boy because he dragged other players into this," reports the source, who said a tour vice president pulled out his cell phone and offered to read some Tiger text messages to Joslyn James before Finchem rescinded the comment. "Some people in the room tried to explain to him that it was helping the image of the tour by having players showing a whimsical side on social media, but he wouldn't have it. Finchem insisted after reading Dufner's explanation that Duf was a 'subversive' and needed to be taught a lesson. I haven't seen him this angry since he found out his hair colorist was moving to Daytona."
Clearly, neither Tim Finchem nor the PGA Tour understands social media if they fine and/or suspend Jason for an awkward picture. I guess the lesson here is Jason should be like the majority of past-champions and phone-in their past-champions obligations.

Like the Tiger Woods-Lindsey Vonn Photoshop Contest, Deadspin ran a Jason Dufner Photoshop Contest over the weekend and posted the winners here. If you need a Monday morning pick-me-up, go look at the best submissions.

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Image via Deadspin

[ comments ]
larrynjr says:
time to shut down the PGA, if they can even think of setting fines for something like this. Idiots! They should be estactic that people are paying attention to golf. As has been observed by many; any publicity is good publicity.
jfurr says:

Did y'all see the Dufner commercial where he was playing the slowest round of golf? (I forget the advertiser). I was surprised to see Duf doing that as it was so silly, but it surprised me and made me chuckle.
jasonfish11 says:
I'd be so pissed if they suspended him for this but let Vjay continue to play.
bkuehn1952 says:
I think Mr. Furr is correct and this is a joke.
ukcanaltraveler says:
Just check the date on this post
joe jones says:
I don't see any evidence that Duffner staged this or encouraged others to make it a social media event. That is the reason I don't tweet or get involved with facebook.Once something goes on the internet all control is lost.Lighten up commish. Take a look at what else is going on and let this die a natural death.
mustang6560 says:
You caught me - April Fool's! I'd like to give credit to Geoff for the clever idea. It was better than any idea I had in the works!
legitimatebeef says:
I have had enough of golf trying to be funny. None of this is funny, none of it. Not Dufner, not these "Dufnering" jokesters, not this Shackleford April's Fools nonsense. Thanks for nothing.
Kurt the Knife says:
kpcasey says:
I love this particular April day that occurs every year.
mjaber says:
And in other news, the USGA/R&A have reversed their decision, and are now banning short putters, and non-square grooves...
Torleif Sorenson says:
Nice writing! Here's the memorable pull-quote:

"I haven't seen him this angry since he found out his hair colorist was moving to Daytona." LOL!
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