At least Black Stone Resort isn't at the DMZ...
Rattled by saber-rattling
By Torleif Sorenson on 4/5/13
To be fair, North Korea and its hereditary dictators have been attempting to scare and threaten the entire Korean peninsula pretty much every spring for a very long time. But their current dictator, Kim Jong-un has been unusually bellicose, arrogant, and threatening over the last few weeks. Even as this piece is being written, North Korea is deploying missile launchers to its eastern coast and telling foreign embassy staff that they cannot guarantee their safety beyond April 10.

Spanish golfer Álvaro Quirós isn't taking any chances — he will not be playing in the European Tour Ballatine's Championship at Black Stone Golf Club & Resort near Incheon, South Korea. As Tony Jiminez of Reuters reports:
"I'm not going to play in Korea. I don't think it's a good moment to go there - it would be a stupid idea with the way things are. I don't want to mess with my life just to play in a golf tournament."
If Kim Jong-un and North Korea's military leaders were so monumentally stupid as to start a shooting war with South Korea and the United States, the result would probably be massive, if not complete, destruction of much of North Korea's military forces and facilities.

This writer feels it would be quite fascinating to visit the DMZ, if not be an officially-escorted visitor inside the totalitarian police-state that is North Korea. However, it would be far better to be able to accompany U.S. servicemen and women if they were given the opportunity to liberate the victims of North Korea's notorious political prisons.

It is conceivable that, if North Korea and their unusually arrogant new dictator do not back down soon, the European Tour could possibly cancel the event, which is scheduled for April 25-28. You may remember that the LPGA cancelled the Tres Marias Championship in Michoacán, Mexico in 2011 due to the outbreak of drug-gang violence in that region.

Now is definitely not the time to be near North Korea.

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Image via Flickr, Bryan Dorrough

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Werepuppie says:
N.Korea would be utterly destroyed.However Seoul would as well.N.Korea has over 14000 artillery pieces that would blast it to bits.
Inchon is most likely out of their range though,so let the Golf continue.
Kurt the Knife says:
kinda feels like Chubby McFatty Un wants to goad the US into destroying and then take responsibility for rebuilding its crappy McShitty-Mc Mc starving landscape.

Or its just some domestic political posturing.
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