Billy Payne Unveils New Youth Golf Program
By mustang6560 on 4/9/13
Yesterday, Billy Payne, alongside Glen Nager and Ted Bishop, unveiled a new youth program called "Drive, Chip and Putt".

The program, which was the brainchild of the Masters Tournament Foundation, the USGA, and the PGA of America, is similar to the NFL's "Punt, Pass and Kick" youth competition. Like "Punt, Pass and Kick", the finalists of "Drive, Chip and Putt" will receive an invitation to Augusta National next year to compete in the finals the Sunday before the 2014 Masters.
"Imagine if you will the incredible excitement these 88 finalists will experience as they come to the site of the Masters to compete in the driving and chipping on our beautiful tournament practice range, and as they conclude their competition, putting to win as all Masters champions have before, on the 18th green of Augusta National Golf Club," Payne said. "No doubt, we believe April 6, 2014, will be a very special day for these kids."
The competition is open to boys and girls between the ages of seven and 15. The top two boys and girls from each of the 110 local qualifiers across the United States will advance to one of 11 regional competitions. The top eight from each regional will earn an invitation to the finals at Augusta National next spring.

If you have a youngster at home and you're trying to finally find a way onto Augusta National to get them into golf, you should sign them up. You can learn more about "Drive, Chip and Putt" here. If I had a kid, I'd definitely sign them up.

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Image via PGA

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Bryan K says:
This is a good thing. I like this idea a lot.

On Saturday, there was a kid and, I assume, his dad on the practice green four at least five hours. They were having a little competition. They'd pick a spot to putt from, and then they'd both putt. If one made it, he got a point. If they both made it, it would push and the winner of the next one got two points. They were doing this before my round started, and they were still doing it when my round was done. How fun is that?
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