Charlie Beljan Was Back On Twitter Until His Recent Offensive Tweet
By mustang6560 on 4/9/13
Charlie Beljan is not one of the 93 invitees in the field this week for The Masters — and he's a little bitter about it. The oober-turned PGA Tour winner made his feelings known in the following Twitter exchange with Matt Every yesterday.

Charlie has since deleted his Twitter account — again.

You might remember the one-time PGA Tour winner got into some trouble on Twitter last year and subsequently deleted his account. So he re-created his account only to send another regrettable tweet, which led to him re-deleting his account.

I understand that Charlie is upset that his PGA Tour victory at the Children's Miracle Network Hospitals Classic didn't result in an invitation to The Masters, however, to take a cheap shot at Tianlang Guan isn't fair. The 14-year-old earned his spot fair and square so put on your big boy pants earn your own spot in The Masters next.

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Image via PGA Tour

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Kurt the Knife says:
yeah. sour grapes n stuff. But I wouldn't be surprised if the kid is actaually 9 or 10 given the Chinese and their age estimates.
legitimatebeef says:
I think Charlie Beljan makes a valid point. I don't think he is taking a cheap shot at the actual kid, it's the qualification criteria that is suspect. The Masters gives an exemption to the winner of the "Asian Amateur" which is a very new event. At this point in time I doubt that the top amateurs in Asia are of the caliber to compete with the world's best. It is most likely a calculated move to grow the game in the massive market over there, just like the special invitation to Ryo Ishikawa which seems to be an annual thing by now. Let's face it, besides the world top 50 a good chunk of this field is ceremonial.
bkuehn1952 says:
Every's complaint that the U.S. Amateur runner-up is taking some other player's spot is not correct. There is no set number of Masters participants and if the runner-up did not play that does not mean they would take the top 51 in the OWGR.

As to Charlie, he should have known the Children's Miracle tourney did not award full points on the PGA Tour and thus a win would not get him into the Masters. If he limited his tournaments to full point events he would assure himself that a win would get him into the Masters. Complaining after the fact that the qualifications are too strict for professionals is a load of crap.
GBogey says:
I like that the Masters has a special place for amateurs. I struggle with the past champions that shouldn't be on the course anymore.
Duke of Hazards says:
it's fine to bitch and gripe at stuff to your family and friends, but when are these celeb and athlete knuckleheads going to learn to stop tweeting that crap for all the world to see?

oh, that's right... never.
Wes11point5 says:
Michael Jackson would have tweeted something very similar!
guzzlingil says:
golfingbumunderpar64 says:
I agree with beef.
hp says:
Charlie is a man full of sour grapes. After losing the playoff on the 10th hole at Riviera this year, bogeying it twice on Sunday, once in regulation and once in the playoff, he claimed it was the worst playoff hole saying "might as well put a windmill" out there. Then he sounds off on the Masters and their special invitations to accomplished amateurs. The Masters will always have a special place for the amateur…look who co-created the event, the most accomplished amateur ever, Bobby Jones.

I've saw Charlie hit balls at the range at AT&T, and his skill level at launching the ball high and straight reminds me of a right handed Phil Mickelson. It's really impressive and a thing of beauty to watch. But, he is an ungrateful, unaware boob that has a penchant for public slander. I was really hoping to like the former Oober, but I'm not a fan of Charlie…not a fan at all.
sjduffers says:
I agree with hp. :)
hollywoodtimb says:
I agree with Beljan. You win a PGA tour event within the year and you should get in. Either that, or let pros play in amateur events where a ticket to the masters is on the line.
dtak84 says:
I agree with hp. Watched the way he was interacting with some people at the Valero Texas Open, seems very arrogant for someone who hasn't accomplished much relative to other pros. If he wants to play, he needs to play better. Not like he would do any better this year in the Masters than the 14 yr old anyway...
golfdude528 says:
I agree with hp too. He acts like he is entitled. The guy seems very arrogant. Maybe this will fuel his fire to win and get in. It's not like the guys on tour don't know what they have to do to get in. It's pretty clear.
Matt McGee says:
Proof once again that physical ability and practice in no way increase intelligence or humility.
I'm sure the sponsors are lining up for a chance to be represented by Charlie.
legitimatebeef says:
I also agree with hp and all the other negative comments. Not a winning personality.
Banker85 says:
I kinda get Charlie's point but dude don't tweet it. There are at least a dozen if not more players who have absolutely ZERO chance at winning this week yet are invited for ceremonial reasons alone.
srogers13 says:
Masters announced that starting next year, people winning PGA events anytime during the year will receive an invite, so it looks like the Masters agreed Beljan was right in his complaint.
Banker85 says:
srogers, HAHAHA now charlie is going to be even more bitter. What for it... I can hear another uncalled for comment from Charlie in the making...
JimmerSD says:
You can't delete stupid.
SpaceMaNy0 says:
Twitter is full of twits.
falcon50driver says:
Hence the title.
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