The next "big" thing in custom clubs?
By Torleif Sorenson on 4/10/13
(Cue the Frankenstein overture...)

Phrankenwood has been unleashed.

On Tuesday at Augusta National, Phil Mickelson gave the golf world a glimpse of the alternative-alternative driver he will deploy at the 77th Masters Tournament that begins Thursday morning. A heavily modified version of a Callaway X Hot 3Deep fairway metal, the club was designed by Callaway's chief designer, Alan Hocknell. "Phrankenwood" features 8.5° of loft and is smaller than a typical driver, but is still larger than the stock X Hot 3-metal. The club is designed to produce less spin, according to Mickelson:
"I asked the engineers to take the technology from that club and put it on steroids. I wanted to make it more like a driver. It looks like a 3-wood, but it's bigger than our 3-wood. It's almost like a small driver, but it's the 3-wood technology of our X Hot in a driver.

"What it's done is taken a lot of spin off of it, and if you watch, the shots I hit off the tee with it have a lot more scoot on them. My tee shots on nine are getting down to the bottom of the hill, and I haven't been able to do that in years. My tee-shots on 10 are going another 15 to 20 yards, giving me a club or two less than I've had in years. My tee shots on 15 are getting down to where I have one or two clubs less."
If Mickelson wins the Masters, I predict that you'll see club manufacturers work overtime, nights, and weekends in order to rush their own versions of the Phrankenwood to market. It doesn't matter if it won't suit the games of most golfers; they'll have a market-based need to capitalize on the hype and hysteria.

Plus, macho golfers will meet on the first tee, and the "Phrankenwood" owner will taunt his playing partner(s) by saying, "you need a driver THAT BIG just to find the fairway?"

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Banker85 says:
I like the concept. I would like to play that for sure, i like the smaller head drivers. is the PH in phrankenwood for Phil?
Torleif Sorenson says:
Good guess!
Duke of Hazards says:
sounds dirty
joe jones says:
Woody Allen may have consulted on the name.
Trip says:
Callaway marketing team are geniuses. They are using Phil as a way to indirectly market their clubs/technology. By golfers reading this in news stories instead of seeing them on commercials adds a sense of authenticity. I would love to see Phil's contract and read the parts about how he has to talk about the equipment.
bobhooe says:
but dude he "asked" them to make it
GBogey says:
Given that I am happy with how I am hitting every club right now except for driver, I like the concept of a club as easy to hit as a 3W that provides driver distance. However, I doubt that the regular version, if it ever comes out, will solve my problems or those of the average player. I also believe that Phil will be onto the next club idea by the PGA.
snuffyword says:
I think a couple of years ago, Tour Edge was putting out an 11* Exotics fairway metal. It could be used as a driver with a high launch and low spin and yet, it could still be used to hit off the deck. I think it was a limited edition and I am interested in finding it in the "used" section of the market. I think it is similar to what Callaway and Phil are using. That would be beneficial to remove a 3-metalwood and add another wedge.
frankteo714 says:
If he wins using this club, there's a good chance this will be available to the public by next year. And I will have one in the bag.
birdieXris says:
I"m with Banker on this one. I really like the smaller head drivers. I got rid of my smaller 360cc cobra titanium because it truely was outdated technology and i hit the newer driver much farther and straighter. Even now i refuse to go to a full 460cc driver because they're just TOO big. I think if something like this hit the market, say in the 320 -360 CC range again i might be tempted. if not, i'm happy with my 440 R11.
DougE says:
They can call it whatever they want and market it as the new miracle club. But hitting an 11* wood off the fairway is not something that your average recreational golfer will be able to do. It takes a perfect swing with lots of swing speed to get the ball airborne. A 15* 3 wood off the deck is hard enough for most of us.
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