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The "other" Decisions On The Rules of Golf
By Torleif Sorenson on 4/16/13
In the wake of The Great Tiger Droppings Scandal of 2013 (a.k.a. Rule 33-7), ESPN writer D.J. Gallo has piped up with an alternative to the USGA and R&A's Decisions on the Rules of Golf.

And once we tell you that Gallo previously wrote for Comedy Central and The Onion, you won't be surprised by such subjective judgements as this gem:
"Does it count as hitting a fairway if my drive lands in an adjacent fairway?

"Do you want it to? It sounds like you might need as much leeway as you can get when it comes to rules and stats to leave the course in a good mood. So… sure. It counts as hitting a fairway. Good job. You should maybe even keep that ball and put it on a shelf in your den to mark this momentous occasion. Unless it’s the last ball in your bag because you lost all of your other ones. It is, isn't it? Ooof. Sorry."
Somehow, I still think that our loyal and dedicated oobers (and perhaps even some of you who are more reticent than others) can come up with some better ones.

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metnorm says:
For some reason I think someone posted the link to that article in the jokes forums last night. hmmmm lets go check.
GBogey says:
So I'm pretty sure the first one happened to me. Great drive - whole group saw it going right down the middle. As we started to walk down the fairway, a fox runs into the fairway, pauses in the middle for 10 seconds or so, then runs off. The ball was nowhere to be found. To be fair, there were soft conditions so maybe it could have plugged, but the grass was short, so it had to be the fox.
Matt McGee says:
I watched a coyote pick up another player's ball from the middle of a green & trot off with it. He dropped it as soon as he realized it wasn't food, but the guy wasn't putting any more. Not sure what the ruling would be there. The guy just played it from the spot where the coyote dropped it.
falcon50driver says:
Good question Matt, I believe he played it correctly, something about "Rub of the Green". Alternately, if the fox dropped it in the hole I believe it counts also. However I saw, in a televised tournament, a seagull fly off with a ball from the green and drop it in a pond, I believe they allowed the player to replace the ball on the green. I'm guessing some of you saw that also?
falcon50driver says:
Steve Lowery #17 TPC Sawgrass "We have Liftoff".
bkuehn1952 says:
An animal is consider an "outside agency" and if one's ball is moved by an outside agency then it should be replaced to its original spot on the green (or to the best estimate of the spot). Other than on the green one drops the ball on the estimated spot.
falcon50driver says:
I saw a spectator jump up and swat a ball (Tiger's) that was headed out of bounds, so that it landed in the fairway. That one was played where it landed. I thought that would come under the outside agency rule too. I don't think I'm the first to say golf rules are confusing.
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