Back To The Broomstick
By Torleif Sorenson on 4/18/13
At his press conference yesterday, prior to today's start of the PGA Tour's RBC Heritage at Harbour Town GL, Ernie Els told reporters that is going back to the long putter for the long haul. And his decision is hardly capricious:
"Well, it's interesting, you know, I think I was No.1 in putting being last week in Augusta. And I really worked with Sherylle, my putting lady. And she really got the message across what she wanted me to do and I really started feeling that. I was going to go with a shorter version this week. But I putted so nicely with it last week, I'm going to keep going with the belly.

"But I'm really getting comfortable with both versions. Back in most of my career I played very well with the short putter. I feel I can do that again. But it's going so well with the belly, I don't want to stop until they ban it."
With Adam Scott joining Els, Keegan Bradley, and Webb Simpson among the players winning a major with a long putter in their bags, the debate is sure to intensify. In fact, this now makes the "Grand Slam" for long putters winning all four of the men's professional majors. This fact is likely to make some golfers laugh, and a few others really angry.

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falcon50driver says:
HaHaHa..wait, That pisses me off.
joe jones says:
OK. Every body together now. Bad putter. bad putter . Boo who! Stomp your feet. Take your ball and go home. I don't want to play with all of those guys that are winning the majors. It,s totally unfair. Oh! wait a minute maybe I should try it. Maybe it will calm my nerves. Maybe I just think I am a good putter. Maybe, maybe.Woulda,couda ,shouda.
Tim Horan says:
why, Why WHY would you want to prolong the pain of using a short putter? You know it's coming it can only be topping up for retirement! or at least the lean spell before joining the Seniors Tour. What do I know? I would suck at putting with whatever putter was developed!
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