The European Tour's answer
to Mud Bruneteau
Nine To Get Four
By Torleif Sorenson on 4/22/13
On Sunday, 38-year-old French professional golfer Raphaël Jacquelin wrote himself into European Tour's history by winning his fourth tour victory after a record-tying nine-hole playoff at Parador de El Saler.

Jacquelin faced Chilean pro Felipe Aguilar and German pro Maximillian Kieffer as the playoff started, but Jacquelin and Kieffer bumped Aguilar out of the playoff with birdies at the third playoff hole. Neither man could wring a birdie out of the 18th hole over the next five (!) attempts, but finally, after ten trips over the closing hole (including the last hole of regulation), Jacquelin broke through by wedging to five feet and burying the rock.

The last time a European Tour event went to a playoff this long was when Spanish golf hero José María Olazábal outlasted Englishmen Roger Chapman and Ronan Rafferty in a nine-hole overtime marathon at the 1989 Dutch Open.

Jacquelin was the last golfer standing on Sunday, but we're going to assume that the food and beverage vendors adjacent to the 18th green were also winners.  :-P

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mjaber says:
You would think after a couple times they would have tried a different hole...

New rule- All courses hosting a professional tour event must have a drivable par 4, and that hole must be used as the first playoff hole. The playoff will then alternate between that hole, a par 5 and a par 3.
Torleif Sorenson says:
Mike, this is *such* an excellent idea. And if said course doesn't have a par-4 that is essentially drive-able, then the most adjacent par-4 should have a special "playoff tee" set up for this use, just in case.
mjaber says:
@Tor... agreed, however I don't believe there is a course out there that doesn't have a set of tees that could make a par 4 draviable for the average tour pro.
bkuehn1952 says:
Playing the same hole over & over is really rather anti-climatic. We all understand the desire to include all the fans near the 18th hole in the conclusion but surely someone (mjaber??) can come up with a plan. Taking Mike's idea a step further, if the 18th hole is a par 4 or 5, use it for the playoff but from a set of tees that make the green drivable. If still tied, create a set of tees for a 180 yard par 3, etc... So everyone on the 18th gets to see the action but the pros essentially play a different hole each time.
Kurt the Knife says:
I say after two holes, give them swords and first blood wins.

or maybe steer wrestling.
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