Jack Nicklaus Makes Rare Appearance
By mustang6560 on 4/23/13
The Liberty Mutual Insurance Legends of Golf is a regular event on the Champions Tour, however, the Demaret Division includes a player were not accustom to seeing — Jack Nicklaus.

The last time The Golden Bear teed it up in this competition was over a decade ago.

Jack is paired with Gary Player and the two played alongside Lee Trevino and Mike Hill. As you might expect in a group with Lee, the one-liners were flying fast and furious and Adam Schupak of GolfWeek was there to document a few of them.
When Nicklaus whistled his opening drive into the left rough, Trevino began with the needle.

"You're lucky you made it with that swing," Trevino cackled.

Nicklaus shook his head and lamented, "I used to have another half to it."

Later Nicklaus joked of another of his tee shots, "How about that, 226 yards down the middle."

To which Andy Bean, who came out to watch the stars, deadpanned, "Jack, I don't think it even rolled that far."
Don't expect to see Jack again next year. The 73-year-old was visibly irritated at times during the first round yesterday, according to Adam, and admitted after he doesn't enjoy playing poorly.
Asked if the 3-under 69 team score for Nicklaus-Player had inspired him to play in the Legends in future years, Nicklaus said, "Quite the contrary. It did not inspire me to play anymore."
If you were one of the lucky few to attend the Demaret Division competition yesterday or today, you might have witnessed Jack Nicklaus' last competitive round ever. The 36-hole exhibition finishes today. Currently, Lee and Mike are tied with Frank Beard and Larry Ziegler for the lead at 14-under.

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Image via Flickr, Keith Allison

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Bryan K says:
Didn't Jack play in the Masters and the British Open in '05?
mustang6560 says:
He played in the Par 3 Contest and hit the ceremonial first tee shot, but it wasn't a "competitive" round. I'm not sure about the Open in '05.
mjaber says:
He did play the '05 Open Championship. It was his last competitive round, until now.
Bryan K says:
I could have sworn that the '05 Masters was a special occasion for Jack because he decided to play in his last year of exempt status just a month after his grandson died. Off to The Google Machine!
mjaber says:
Yes, he played the '05 Masters.
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