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Deer (Antler Spray) In The Headlights
By Torleif Sorenson on 5/1/13
As Nathan reported yesterday afternoon, Vijay Singh is off the hook.

PGA Tour Commissioner Tim Finchem tread pretty carefully with his explanation on Tuesday; he acknowledged that "an admission of the use of a substance is a violation of the policy even if there is no positive test," and that the Tour proceeded as a matter of violation of the Tour's anti-doping policy.

But the turnaround apparently occurred when the Tour consulted the World Anti-Doping Agency, according to Finchem:
"During the appeal process, PGA TOUR counsel contacted WADA to confirm a number of technical points. At that time, WADA clarified that it no longer considers the use of deer antler spray to be prohibited unless a positive test results.

"Based on this new information and given WADA's lead role in interpreting the prohibited list, the TOUR deemed it only fair to no longer treat Mr. Singh's use of deer antler spray as a violation of the TOUR'S Anti Doping Program. Since his initial quote was made public, Mr. Singh has cooperated with the TOUR investigation and has been completely forthcoming and honest. While there was no reason to believe that Mr. Singh knowingly took a prohibited substance, the PGA TOUR Anti Doping Program clearly states that players are responsible for use of a prohibited substance regardless of intent. In this regard, Mr. Singh should have contacted the PGA TOUR Anti Doping Program administrator or other resources readily available to players in order to verify that the product Mr. Singh was about to utilize did not contain any prohibited substances, especially in light of the warning issued in 2011 in relation to deer antler spray."
The only other similar case your correspondent can recall involves Nick Price, who was once prescribed beta-blockers for high blood pressure, possibly caused by his cigarette-smoking habit:
"You're at the same level emotionally the whole day," says Price, who took them from 1984 to 1989. "You're never high, and you're never low. You're just blah. Sure, they help your nerves when you putt, but when you can get fired up, you can hit the driver further and hit your irons further. You need that adrenaline to play your best golf. When I look back on what those drugs did to me, it was one of the worst periods of my whole life. If I could do it over again, I never would have taken them."
With that inability to generate adrenaline when he needed it on the golf course, Price switched to a different medication in 1989. Price told reporter Golf World reporter Matthew Rudy that his game "instantly improved" — which it certainly did. Price captured the 1992 PGA Championship, then two more majors in 1994 — the Open Championship and another PGA.

The Vijay Singh matter may be concluded in the eyes of the PGA Tour, but more than a few golf fans feel that this ugly story is far from over.

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joe jones says:
Better golf through chemistry. I wonder what Greg Norman thinks.
jcstoll says:
"it no longer considers the use of deer antler spray to be prohibited unless a positive test results". Ie, it's only illegal if you get caught!
jasonfish11 says:
That goes along with a comment I heard from a comentator last week. He said that the Guan kid who got a penalty will learn from his slow play penalty at the masters. Then his next comment pissed me off, he said "he will learn to speed up when the offical is there and then he can go back to his normal pace when the official leaves, just like the other players."

To me this means you are allowed to cheat as long as you dont get caught. Many my handicap is going to drop like a rock because I play as a single quite often.

I wonder how pissed off my playing partner will be when I try out for the US Open next year and shoot a 95, but claim I'm a scratch golfer?
C-4 says:
oh nevermind the cocaine and canibis usage...lol
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