Another Age Record Falls
By Torleif Sorenson on 5/2/13
Just weeks after 14-year-old Tianlang Guan made a splash by becoming the youngest-ever competitor at The Masters, 12-year-old Ye Wocheng has upstaged him. On Thursday, Ye became the youngest golfer ever to compete on the European Tour, teeing off at the Volvo China Open. Interestingly, he broke the record set by Guan at last year's Volvo China Open.

It is unrealistic to expect Ye to win, but for a kid who is 12 years, 242 days old and playing in a professional event, shooting a seven-over 79 in Round 1 is nothing to sneeze at.

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legitimatebeef says:
NEW RULE. If you're going to compete at the pro level, you must have pubes.
falcon50driver says:
Ahh Ahhh Ahhhhh CHOOOO
Matt F says:
+1000 beef...or your testicles should have dropped. (If you're a male)
falcon50driver says:
Ianinho says:
Why? He beat a load of guys much older than him in a legitimate qualifying tournament. He deseveres to be there
cvargo says:
WOW!!!! Can't stop laughing
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