A REAL Island Green
By Torleif Sorenson on 5/3/13
Unusually unseasonable weather is making golf schedules unreasonable all over the nation. Snow has plastered the upper Midwest, including 14 inches (!) in Rochester, Minnesota over the last three days. Meanwhile, rain is pelting the lower and middle Mississippi and Tennessee River valleys to the point of causing serious flooding.

Now, five inches of rain has forced organizers of The Players Championship to cancel ancillary events and is basically making life miserable for the grounds crew at TPC Sawgrass. The most vivid example is at the famous 17th hole.

Now this is what I call a real "island green."

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Image via TPCSawgrassAgronomy.com

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falcon50driver says:
Not a peninsula now.
Torleif Sorenson says:
So, who wants to do the first alligator joke?
falcon50driver says:
Guy walks into a bar with an alligator on a leash, and , well, you know the rest.
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