More tough talk on slow play
By Torleif Sorenson on 5/6/13
The latest voice to join the uproar over slow play is Paul Lawrie, who lashed out last weekend, following a five-hour, 16-minute third round at the European Tour's Ballatines Championship:

The R&A's chair of the championship committee, Jim McArthur, sounded a warning to competitors navigating Muirfield Golf Links during the Open Championship in July:
"We continue to have a big concern that pace of play is affecting the game and spoiling the enjoyment for many people. We are determined to do whatever we can — and that applies to the Open Championship. There is a schedule that we will be applying stringently in The Open and we assume professionals will read all the documentation sent to them."
McArthur is also aware of various tactics caddies occasionally used to try to buy their players some extra time:
"Yes, people do have ways of getting round [the timing schedule]. Sometimes their caddie will walk up and put the bag down while the player is 50 yards behind. In situations like that, officials have to deal with it."
But given what happened at The Masters with amateur Tianlang Guan and the shorter course at Merion for the U.S. Open, it is a reasonable assumption that the USGA may go public with plans to monitor excessively slow play next month.

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Images via Twitter, Paul Lawrie

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joe jones says:
Have an official with each group. First episode one stroke penalty, second two strokes ,third immediate disqualification. NO EXCEPTIONS.
falcon50driver says:
Electronic shock collars.
GolfSmith7 says:
@falcon50driver that would work for sure! lol
mjaber says:
Step 1- Identify the GROUP that is out of position.
Step 2- Notify the group that they are out of position and have 1 hole to get back into position, or may be subject to penalty.
Step 3- Identify player (or players) within group causing the slow play.
Step 4- If the group is still out of position at the next hole, they are required to skip the hole. Slow players get par x 2, other get bogey.
mschad says:
@joe: +1
This way they are timed starting the FIRST hole. Not after they have already caused a backup.
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