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David Lynn to bypass the U.S. Open
By Torleif Sorenson on 5/7/13
Set aside the fact that David Lynn found himself in a spot of bother off the tee at the Wells Fargo Championship playoff on Sunday. The Merseyside native is a talented golfer who has proven himself several times over the last year. By getting to that playoff on Sunday afternoon, Lynn vaulted himself into the top 50 in the World Golf Rankings — and thereby earned himself a trip to the U.S. Open at Merion next month.

Unfortunately, Lynn won't be playing because he has already made other plans:
"This is the problem now – I wasn't in the U.S. Open, so I made other plans. I've actually booked a holiday and I need a holiday now, to be honest. I wasn't going to come back until the USPGA [in August] and those are still my plans."
Indeed, the USGA does not automaticaly invite a certain number of low scorers from the previous PGA Championship into the U.S. Open — only the winner. Under this qualification, David Lynn's solo second-place finish was no better than if he'd finished solo 22nd.

On an unemotional and sober level, it is difficult to criticize Lynn for making his vacation plans. The fact is that Lynn spends most of his time on the European Tour and had not anticipated winning, or coming close to winning, on the PGA Tour here in the United States. If this keeps up, however, he might need to adjust the remainder of his 2013 schedule. And that is a nice problem for him to have.

At least the Englishman knows he is exempt into the Open Championship at Muirfield and the 2013 PGA Championship at Oak Hill.

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Images via Flickr, Patrick Stough

[ comments ]
legitimatebeef says:
Waahh, I need to go on holiday.
mustang6560 says:
Seriously? Seriously.

See Wilson commercial with Ricky Barnes and Guy Johnson: www.youtube.com/watch?v=YdG9JLt5OD0
Trip says:
Question is, would he skip the British Open?
guzzlingil says:
@ Trip...good point.....a pro that has qualified for the Majors should never skip one.....barring injury or death of a loved one....imo.
mjaber says:
I wonder if it's a "boys" weekend... and they are going golfing.
Banker85 says:
what a punk.
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