Vijay Gets Some (Unsolicited) Legal Advice
By Torleif Sorenson on 5/10/13
Upstaging this week's Players Championship on the PGA Tour was the news that Vijay Singh is suing the Tour over their handling of Singh's deer antler spray-doping case. The most famous golfer to come from the island of Fiji began taking the deer antler spray in an effort to mitigate back and knee injuries. Instead, Singh's character and reputation were injured.

Among those who feel that his deer antler spray debacle and the resulting lawsuit represent a self-inflicted injury are two golfers on Twitter. "Long John" Daly didn't earn a law degree at the University of Arkansas, but let's just say that he has some (cough) legal experience. Hats off to Daly for offering some friendly advice that was later re-tweeted by Jesper Parnevik:

Zimbabwean-born European Senior Tour player Tony Johnstone also piped in with some decidedly "unfriendly" legal advice:

Singh himself last posted on Twitter back on December 18, so he has been decidedly disconnected from social media. In the meantime, golf writer Geoff Shackelford asked why Singh isn't suing the World Anti-Doping Agency, but WADA didn't threaten to suspend Singh — the PGA Tour did.

Whether Singh "calls off the dogs" with his attorney, Peter R. Ginsberg, is anybody's guess. But if this reaction keeps up, well...

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falcon50driver says:
Kurt the Knife says:
falcon said it best. and might i add, gdtfsr?
C-4 says:
Cant stand VJ anyway...Lets talk El Tigre!
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