Tiger Said, The Marshal Said, The Other Marshal Said (Episode 3)
By Torleif Sorenson on 5/16/13
H/T: Geoff Shackelford

(Cue the dramatic opening theme...)

On Tuesday, we dutifully reported that Players Championship on-course marshals Gary Anderson and John North told Sports Illustrated golf writer Michael Bamberger that neither of them talked to Tiger Woods before he pulled a fairway metal while Sergio Garcia was taking a backswing at the 2nd hole on Saturday afternoon. At that time, I also cited his controversial drop on 14 on Sunday afternoon and suggested that Tiger has some explaining to do.

Now, Garry Smits of the Florida Times-Union says that two other marshals say the opposite is true. Specifically, Fleming Island resident Brian Nedrich and Saint Augustine resident Lance Paczkowski (Ah, a really good Swedish name...) said they were within twelve yards of Tiger and Nedrich said:
"It is not true and definitely unfair to Tiger. That's because I was the one Tiger heard say that Sergio had hit.

"There was a lot going on, as usual, when Tiger plays. Then, he's trying to have the concentration he needs to win a tournament. It's easy to get small details out of whack when things happen so fast. It was an unfortunate incident and I don't think either player is to blame."
Also interestingly, in stark contrast to marshal Gary Anderson, who said that they are instructed to not talk to players during their round, Paczkowski said this:
"We talk to players all the time, if we need to in regards to their needs and crowd control."
As if that isn't enough, Jay Busbee of Yahoo! Sports recalls not only Tiger's controversial drop at 14 on Sunday, but also his illegal drop at The Masters last month, and turned out to be an illegal drop at the Abu Dhabi HSBC back in January. In the title of his piece, Busbee says that Tiger is "inviting a cloud of suspicion." But in that case, Tiger consulted with his playing partner, 2010 PGA Championship winner Martin Kaymer, before making the drop. The penalty was assessed afterward, resulting in Tiger missing the cut.

Be that as it may, Tiger probably will not admit as much, but his preparation for the U.S. Open Championship at Merion will probably include revisiting the Rules of Golf, including Rules 20, 24, and 26.

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joe jones says:
Has anyone interviewed Mark Rolfing? He said Tigers drop was perfectly legal as to point of entry. How did a perfectly legal drop, attested to by Casey Wittenberg and Mark Rolfing lose credence. Now two marshal,s have said they told Tiger that Sergio had already hit. If you review the video you will see Tiger telling the spectators to settle down and you can see him clearly straining to look over at Sergio before he pulled the 5 wood. Who was away? Did either player ask anyone else who was away. What we have here is a "failure to communicate".
mjaber says:
Can't we just put Sergio and Tiger in the Octagon and let them settle it like men?
mmontisano says:
Sergio played out of turn from what I understand, so this should be more about Sergio being a petulant little child than scrutiny on every little thing that Tiger does on the course. but Tiger is winning again, so out come the critics and Tiger bashers.
Bryan K says:
Paczkowski is Polish..not Swedish.
Torleif Sorenson says:
@Bryan K: It was a joke, just like the link to the "dramatic opening theme."
C-4 says:
Who keeps asking these ya-hoos anything....if they dont like Tiger, you know what they will say...haters..the hate just ooozes out of them!
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