Another self-inflicted wound
European Tour CEO Makes The Sergio Racial Slur Worse
By Torleif Sorenson on 5/23/13
It was bad enough that Sergio Garcia used a racial stereotype, which could cost him his corporate sponsorships.

But on Thursday, European Tour CEO George O'Grady made things even worse in a rather feckless attempt at damage control. As reported by both the Associated Press and Reuters, O'Grady made the following comment in an interview with Sky Sports:
"We accept all races on the European Tour, we take it very strongly. Most of Sergio's friends are colored athletes in the United States and he is absolutely abject in his apology and we accepted it."
O'Grady's use of the inappropriate word "colored" might be caused by a cultural disconnect on the part of O'Grady, who lives in England. Whatever the root cause of his offensive remark, the "damage control people" on the European Tour evidently got to O'Grady quickly, who had to issue yet another apology and more damage control of his own:
"I deeply regret using an inappropriate word in a live interview for Sky Sports for which I unreservedly apologize."
O'Grady's comments were monumentally badly-timed, coming at the start of the European Tour's signature event, the BMW PGA Championship at the Wentworth Club in Virginia Water, England.

For their part, the European Tour's web site and marketing staff are silent on the matter, as of this writing. But it is painfully evident that Sergio Garcia and his mouth are not the only ones on the European Tour needing to be kept on a very short leash.

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Image via European Tour

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legitimatebeef says:
There's so much to ridicule here, where to even start. Claiming that the majority of Sergio Garcia's friends are black, American and athletes. Wow. At least he stopped short of saying "I know this for a fact, Sergio's favorite food happens to be fried chicken".

"We accept all races on the European Tour" Bravo sir. We need more brave people like this who are willing to go out on a limb and stand up for what is right.

"We accepted it [Sergio's apology]" Again, so noble. Note to Tiger Woods and all black Americans. If George O'Grady can find it in his heart to look past Sergio's racially charged slurring, then so should you.
mustang6560 says:
(Sergio's reaction) THANK YOU, GEORGE O'GRADY!

Right or wrong, Sergio's comment was off-the-cuff. He made it "in jest", after a few beverages I'm sure. George's comment was deliberate. It was prepared. It's inexcusable. What a...
srogers13 says:
My question is, what are they called in Europe? Take Lennox Lewis, the boxer, as an example. He is neither African or American. Also, my guess is also that the Euro guy was not just referring to black people when talking of who Sergio's friends were, but really was trying to say non-Caucasian.

Now the part about accepting all races, that was pure and simple grandstanding. Anyone who is good enough is welcomed to play on the PGA Tour, the main thing in the US is that most minorities are drawn to other sports.
C-4 says: cant keep that racism in..Im confused..COLORED???...who colored them..what color did they use...did the use crayon or pencil....probably a sharpie...I like using..the black guy..the white guy..the chineese racist usually dont have a problem with stating it how it is....Boy those racist get real uncomfortable when talking about race!
Duke of Hazards says:
geez, what a long and protracted jumbled mess. gotta love the 24 hour news cycle. let's see how long this whole thing gets strung out and how many spin-off news events we can generate to capture microtransactional ad revenues from additional web hits. maybe Tiger's ahead of the curve... don't say anything substantive. curt, expressionless responses. then everyone will leave you the f alone.
joe jones says:
What is the old saying? If you can't say anything to the point don't say anything. Some people just can't help themselves.
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