Allan Kournikova, Rising Star?
By Torleif Sorenson on 5/29/13
Tennis star Anna Kournikova may never have won a singles tournament during her WTA career, but she has obviously capitalized on her good looks to make a decent living. But her six-year-old brother Allan may not need to resort to good looks to succeed in life; he seems to have a pretty solid game.

Why the boy's last name isn't "Kournikov", following the standard Russian naming conventions, is a bit of a mystery, but what isn't a mystery is the kid's legitimate talent. After one round of the U.S. Kids Golf European Championship, Kournikova's 35 had him tied for the lead. Over 500 kids from 40 different nations are competing in this event, which is being held over several courses in East Lothian, including Gullane, Craigielaw, Longniddry, and Luffness New golf clubs.

This portion of Josh Greenbaum's documentary about the best seven-year-old golfers in the world seems to hint that the kid has a pretty rugged routine; hopefully they give him time to "be a kid" and prevent him from burning out... like the piece of chalk in the video.

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Jattruia says:
Think there's a typo in the title.
bkuehn1952 says:
Dare I say it ... Oh what the heck, he is the next Tiger Woods!
Torleif Sorenson says:
Five bonus points for Jattruia for catching the since-corrected typo. And I'm better with Russian names than Nathan is, too...
srogers13 says:
For you poker players, you know Big Slick (Ace-King) is also called Anna Kournikova, it looks really pretty, but very rarely wins.
jasonfish11 says:
srogers if you truely believe that I'll play poker with you anytime. Lol.
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