Slow-Play Drama At the NCAAs
By Torleif Sorenson on 5/31/13
With many public golfers (and a few tournament players) in an uproar over slow play, the NCAA has decided to crack down — with consequences.

At the NCAA men's Division I golf championships at the Capital City Club's Crabapple Course outside Atlanta, tournament rules committee members nailed both Ty Dunlap of Texas A&M University and Greg Eason of the University of Central Florida with a one-stroke penalty for slow play. Both players were blamed after their group fell behind twice and missed their checkpoint on the 18th hole by six minutes. Because of Dunlap's slow-play penalty, Texas A&M missed a 4-for-3 team playoff against Arizona State, New Mexico, and Nevada-Las Vegas.

Following the team's elimination, Texas A&M golfer Cameron Peck tweeted his frustration with the NCAA:

Meanwhile, Max Homa avoided two slow-play penalties on his way to winning the individual medalist title, having played 54 holes in nine under par. Homa is a senior member of the Cinderella story Cal-Berkeley team, which is seeded first in the team match-play side of the championship. Homa's teammate Brandon Hagy waxed poetic afterward:
"I'm so proud of Max. He's such a great player and he works so hard. It's pretty cool. He's our lone senior. He's the oldest guy on the team. I came in with Max... and he's definitely one of our anchor guys. Whenever you have a Max Homa on your team, you know he's going to put up a good score and it takes a lot of pressure off you."
It really is a shame that this year's NCAA championships aren't on television, but as we told you back in December, the 2014 NCAAs will be on Golf Channel.

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birdieXris says:
Good, i'm glad they started this. The fact that the doled out 2 penalties (and almost 3) just solidifies the notion that it's an issue. I could only imagine how many penalties would be on the pro tour if they really went after them. And yes, Cameron, they DID get what they wanted.
C-4 says:
NCAA..whether golf or any sport....horrible..just horrible..they should be ashamed of themselves for taking advantage of kids who make them so much money!
Anti-Mulligan says:
Slow play is a terrible problem in golf. I had actually taped the Golf Channel special 1971 US Open at Merion. Jack was atrociously slow. This is where is started. All the guys on tour grew up watching Jack then Tiger. They are ridicously slow and everyone emulates them. These guys are the problem. Trevino was super quick and I love guys like Rickie and Rory used to be quick but has to slow down because the tour plays so slow now.
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