Matt Kuchar Wins the Memorial
By mustang6560 on 6/3/13
Matt Kuchar closed with a steady 4-under-par 68 Sunday to win the Memorial Tournament, his second victory of the season and first multiple win season of his career.

As the Georgia-resident mentioned in his post-round interview, his sixth PGA Tour victory could not have come at a better time. With the U.S. Open just one week away, Matt hopes to finally remove his name off of the "Best Without A Major" list.
"Great golf breeds more great golf," Kuchar said. "Winning tournaments breeds winning more tournaments. Anytime you can get comfortable playing in that final group, finishing off a tournament, winning a tournament is a huge amount of confidence. Heading into Merion, I'll have a lot of confidence.

"I'm looking forward to my chances there at Merion."
Matt finished the tournament at an impressive 12-under-par, which was 20 shots better than world number one Tiger Woods and 18 shots better than world number two Rory McIlroy.

Like Rory, Tiger set a personal worst record at Muirfield last weekend. He carded an 8-over-44 on the front nine Saturday, which is his worst nine-hole score as a professional. His 79 on moving day matched his second-worst score as a pro. After his final putt dropped yesterday, Tiger chalked up his play to the four letter word that gets us all — golf.
"It happens. It happens to us all," Woods said. "Go home next week and practice."
With the win, Matt moves up to fourth in the Official World Golf Ranking, which is the best rank of his career.

In Golf Channel's pre-game coverage, Brandel Chamblee said the next few months will be the most important of Matt's career. He's playing solid golf and at 34-years-old, he's not getting any younger so now is the time to win a major. We'll see if he's able to get it done at Merion next week. As it stands now, he's a 30/1 favorite to win.

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mjaber says:
Can't be a PGA tour news story without mentioning Tiger...
legitimatebeef says:
"he's not getting any younger" - really Nate. I expect better even from you. Any other cliche is better than that. "clock is ticking", "window of opportunity is closing". Anything but "he's not getting any younger".
falcon50driver says:
I hate cliches as much as the next guy, but what really grates on my nerves is people who have to start a sentence with "Look" as if what they have to say is so profound and we're so stupid that we have to be told to "Look" pay attention to their great revelation. end of rant. no wait another couple, Why do people feel it necessary to insert "That being said" in the middle of a comment? Please don't tell me "at the end of the day" either. That is all for now, goodnight.
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