A Top Ten List From Charlie Rymer
By Torleif Sorenson on 6/4/13
During the month of June, the people at Golf Channel are promoting "Pace of Play Month" — a fine idea given the general outrage across the game over slow play. Perhaps the biggest episode this year that has caused tournament organizers to clamp down was the insufferably slow Monday finish to the PGA Tour's stop in San Diego in January, when it took three hours, 45 minutes to play 11 holes at Torrey Pines. Pace of play got a violent shove in the right direction when Tianlang Guan was penalized at the Masters, then the men's golf team from Texas A&M lost out on a playoff. Slow play at the NCAAs nearly cost Cal-Berkeley's Max Homa his individual title, too.

Golf Channel's Charlie Rymer has written a top-ten list of ways to speed up the pace of play. They are, in order:
  1. Move promptly: Proceed quickly to your ball and be ready when it’s your turn to hit.

  2. Play promptly: Take 30 seconds, maximum, to hit your shot.

  3. Be quicker on the greens: Read it. Hit it. Tap it in. Go to the next tee.

  4. Treat the rules with discretion: Take no more than 3 minutes to look for balls and take relief.

  5. Do your housekeeping on your own time: Start the round with tees, markers, balls and a ball-mark repair tool in your pocket. Replace headcovers while you walk. Write down scores on the next tee. Don’t make others wait.

  6. Be cart smart: Drop off your partner and drive to your ball. When you leave the cart, take three clubs, not one. Park behind greens.

  7. Be a good teammate: Know your playing partners' strengths and weaknesses; help them when it’s convenient, move on when it’s not.

  8. Play the right course for your ability level: Choose a set of tees with a rating of 142 minus your handicap index. Or just tee it forward.

  9. Demand accountability from the course you play: Ask them to set up the course properly and, most importantly, to manage the tee sheet responsibly.

  10. Accept responsibility: Recognize that slow play isn’t just the other guy’s fault.
For (3), this writer would have advised golfers to line up their putt while others are putting, assuming you're not away. But since this was a list of ten (a nice, round number), almost certainly you oobers can speak from experience and can cite other (perhaps better?) ideas.

What say you all?

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Photograph by Torleif Sorenson

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mantajim says:
Play ready golf ANYWHERE on the course. However, be nice and ask if you're playing out of position.
Turn OFF your cell phone! OFF I SAID!! OFF!
If you're on the green and closest to the hole, and someone else is in a bunker, rake the trap for them, so they can more quickly be ready to putt.
If you're the first to hole out, grab the flag and replace it when everyone has holed out. (No re-do's or practice putts)
No ball hawking!
C-4 says:
Bryan K says:
142 minus your handicap rating?
jpjeffery says:
Ball hawking?
Werepuppie says:
JP Ball hawking is trying to find golf balls on the course.
Backquak says:
Played a tourney fri, they said do to a new rule, listening to an ipod or using a device that has the capacity to play music during a round was now in breach of a new rule, so that means anyone answering their phone in breaking the rule right? It also included using a device that was capable of giving wind speed and/or direction, which would include a cell phone right? The penalty was 2 strokes per hole and a 4 stroke per round maximum, I think, I turned my phone off anyway, but several of my playing partners answered texts and calls during those rounds. Who's the rule nazi that will explain this new rule to me?
GBogey says:
I didn't understand the 142 minus your handicap either? I think a high handicapper would have problems finding any suitable tee at some courses.
jasonfish11 says:

That rule has been discussed in this thread. oobgolf.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=5657&f3fdaeb7

But yes using a device with that has the capability of having an illegal tool is also illegal even if you aren't using said tool. So even if you dont have a "wind direction app" on your I-Phone. Texting your wife would be illegal because the phone has the capability to have that app.
jasonfish11 says:
I'm assuming he meant dont play from a tee where the rating is more than 142-hdcp.

I am sure that its perfectly fine for a scratch golfer to play the tips which are rated at 135, as apposed to either leaving and finding a different course or putting pressure on the course to create a new set of tee boxes.
Kurt the Knife says:
maybe he meant slope 142?
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