Merion: The Hot Ticket!
By mustang6560 on 6/5/13
At 6,996 yards, Merion, which hosts the 113th U.S. Open next week, is a "short" major championship course. The last time a U.S. Open course played under 7,000 yards was back in 2004 at Shinnecock (6,996).

Since Merion was originally built in 1912, it wasn't designed to accommodate the same size crowds as modern courses. So, unlike last year, the USGA only sold 25,000 tickets per day, which is half of the number it did for the U.S. Open at The Olympic Club.

In addition to fewer tickets in the channel, Merion is located close to three large U.S. metropolises — Philadelphia, New York and Washington, D.C. As a result, ticket prices for the U.S. Open at Merion on second-market websites like StubHub and eBay are more expensive, according to Matt Mullin of
Last year, average prices for Thursday's first round were actually below face value, going for just over $70, nearly a $40 discount. As you would expect, prices jumped for the weekend, averaging $115 on Friday, $129 on Saturday, and $122 on Sunday, according to

Those numbers are down from 2011, which averaged $147 on Saturday, the most expensive day at Congressional.

This year, however, second-market tickets are going for far more, putting previous Opens to shame.
If I lived near Merion, I'd have no problem shelling out $330 for a Sunday ticket to attend the U.S. Open at one of the storied courses in the game, especially since it'll probably be the last time it hosts our national championship (unless the USGA rolls back the golf ball).

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HotBacon says:
I live close to Merion, and have no desire to go to this US Open. I hit the AT&T Natinoal the last 2 years since close by at Aronomink. I had full week passes both years and tried to see everyone and every hole. The practice rounds were great, getting to within inches of the big names. That wasn't a US Open, which has many many more ppl attending, and by Sunday it was tough to get a good view of the bigger names. Add to that the fact that this course has nowhere to stand on alot of the holes, and it's going to be impossible to see any of the action next week. I'd much rather stay at home and see everything.

In addition, from what the players are saying this week...I see the Open coming back to Merion in the future. Sure, they could go low if the weather is perfect. But at the same time, the scores could blow up too if the weather is not perfect. It's going to be exciting to watch regardless.
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