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Fashion Week at Merion
By Torleif Sorenson on 6/7/13
You might remember that during the Masters Tournament, several players, including Jason Day and Sergio Garcia, were decked out in matching adidas golf clothing — the result of the company taking inspiration from the matching uniforms Ryder Cup team members wear during the event. The marketing people at adidas and Ashworth apparently liked the visual results at Augusta so much that they're repeating the process for the U.S. Open:
"For Ashworth, Stewart Cink, Justin Rose and Michael Thompson are scheduled to wear a rotation of the four shirt/pant combinations throughout the tournament."

"For adidas, Jason Day and Dustin Johnson will wear a rotation of the four colorways throughout the tournament — with the choice of which outfit to wear on any day."

"Jason and other adidas Golf tour staffers will wear the special adizero Tour US Open colorway (gray/white/red)."

In golf, as with virtually every other sport, the marketing of clothing has become just as important as the marketing of shoes and equipment. One way for companies to get noticed is (obviously) with carefully-coordinated, high-contrast, high-visibility clothing. For this writer, some of the adidas clothing holds a certain appeal.

What say the rest of you?

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[ comments ]
Kurt the Knife says:
put 'em in brown shirts.
GolfSmith7 says:
Those Adizero's are ugly!
jasonfish11 says:
My 3 month old son loves watching golf. I think its because the bright color contrast between the green grass the peoples clothes. Not to mention the monotoned soft spoken anouncers (sans Feherty).

So I'm all for them wearing bright clothes. Gives me an extra excuse for watching golf.
C-4 says:
It does not matter until the top two clothing lines get into the act. Nike and Puma! All of it is a rip off and high as giraffe cooch!
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