Compete in the Best Ball Majors Challenge U.S. Open Segment
By mustang6560 on 6/10/13
The United States Open Championship, the second major championship of the year, is finally upon us! And as usual, it's time to announce the Best Ball Majors Challenge, the fantasy golf game on we've competed in for the last few years.

It's easy to play — you have $50 million to spend on your four player roster ( assigns each player a value). The best score on each hole is used to determine your overall score. oober srogers13 won The Masters segment with a score of 44-under-par.

If you competed in The Masters segment last April, then all you need to do is sign in to your account and pick your roster. If you didn't compete in the first segment but you want to compete in the U.S. Open segment, then click the link below and follow the instructions to join.
Get in the action now!

Group: "oobgolf2013"

Password: "golf"
As always, the winner will receive a FREE a 1-Year Addict+ subscription.

Image via U.S. Open

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mjaber says:
I will not pick Tom Watson... I will not pick Tom Watson... I will not pick Tom Watson
JDriem says:
Anyone know if the group is full already? I am trying to join but keep getting an error message saying "An error has occurred. Please try your request again"
JDriem says:
Nevermind got it to work today. Must have been a issue on ESPN's side
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