"Stormy weatherrrrr..."
"Here Comes the Rain Againnn..."
By Torleif Sorenson on 6/10/13
Rain, thunderstorms, and lightning are hitting the Philadelphia metropolitan area - including Merion Golf Club in suburban Ardmore, site of the U.S. Open Championship this week. This evening, as much as .75 inches of new rain is quite possible. On Tuesday and Wednesday, the chances of rain are 50% or less, but when the big show begins on Thursday, showers and thunderstorms are likely; the National Weather Service currently pegs the chance of precipitation at 60% for Thursday.

While this will soften up the greens and fairways for those golfers who can navigate the straight-and-narrow, the rough will only get thicker for those who cannot. And for fans attending the sold-out Open, rain-tolerant clothes are definitely in order.

Several months ago, the USGA and Merion grounds crew-members made plans to use up to three holes of Merion's West Course in case Holes 11 and 12 on the East Course become flooded or unplayable. And with so much foot traffic, the spectator areas could turn into a gigantic, muddy quagmire.

The forecast calls for rain. But for golfers who stray from the fairways and greens, the forecast calls for pain.

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Image via National Weather Service

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mjaber says:
If they are really worried about the rain making the course "soft", maybe they'll just make the fairways even more narrow...
legitimatebeef says:
Rain has a way of sucking....the excitement out of a US Open. Rory's runaway was a snoozefest. The last open at Bethpage was a logistical nightmare, a sputtering, on-again off-again, Monday finishing, again ultimately a snoozefest. The Northeast is where most of the hallowed old courses are located but then again June is the start of hurricane season. At some point the USGA might start to favor the west coast.

On Friday it rained all day long. It was by far the wettest day of the year. Plus its been humid so I doubt that much draining and drying up was going on at Merion. Hate to say it but I am anticipating another boring tournament. Without the firm and fast conditions it doesn't really feel like a US Open.
bsta93 says:
The players better hope that rough isn't wet.
mmontisano says:
the wet fairways will keep more balls out of the rough, so it's turning into an Open for anyone. don't be surprised if we have another one-off winner.
CeeBee says:
Beef, Beef, Let's not get too hasty on calling this a boring tourney. If they get any rain during play, this could become guerilla golf at it's finest. In other words playing the conditions I have been playing under all spring.
Scott Shields says:
It'll be interesting. I have a feeling that rough will be miserable.
bkuehn1952 says:
The players need to practice hitting mud balls. The USGA will NEVER play "lift clean and cheat" so the likelihood of playing with a chunk of turf attached to the ball will be high.
GBogey says:
This is going to be interesting. I'm 80 miles or so from Merion and we got an inch less of rain according to reports on Friday, but on Saturday the course had gone from dry one week to if you hit the green, the ball would not roll off the back.
joe jones says:
The rain may equalize the efforts of the USGA to have a firm, fast course but the lack of distance and heavy rough will equalize that.If they don't have a lot of additional rain we may still have a typical Open. It will identify the great ball strikers as it usually does.
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