Francis Ouimet's Historic Win Turns 100
By mustang6560 on 6/11/13
If you've ever watched the Golf Channel on a slow week (or in the off-season), then you've probably seen the movie The Greatest Game Ever Played at least a thousand times. It tells the story of Francis Ouimet (pronounced "we-met"), the amateur who defeated Harry Vardon and Ted Ray in an 18-hole playoff to win the 1913 U.S. Open.

Ouimet grew up across the street from The Country Club, the site of his lone U.S. Open victory. As a kid, he grew up in relative poverty, so no one expected him to win. I'll spare you further details about Ouimet's background as it's safe to assume 90% of oobers have seen the movie (or know the story).

In addition to returning to Merion, the 113th playing of the U.S. Open is historic because it's the 100th anniversary of Ouimet's famous victory. And in honor of the historic moment, John Garrity stopped by Ouimet's old house in Brookline, Massachusetts to meet the Wielers, the couple who owns a piece of history.
"We weren't golf nuts," says Dedie. "We were told that someone named Francis Ouimet lived here, and he had done something fantastic. But it wasn't until we had settled in that Jerome did some research and discovered the true story."

"And I was blown away," says Jerome. "It's like discovering that you're related to somebody famous. It's like" — his eyes gleam mischievously — "we're descended from golfing royalty."
I'm surprised the members of The Country Club didn't buy Ouimet's house and turn it into a museum. Imagine how many more golf fans would make the pilgrimage to it if it were a shrine to the "Father of Amateur Golf"?

You can watch an interview with the Wielers here.

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mjaber says:
@mustang... they probably wouldn't be able to get the proper zoning to make it a museum.
mmontisano says:
the US Amateur is going to The Country Club as a celebration of sorts.
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