Golf Channel president Mike McCarley
Ed Sherman Interviews Golf Channel's President
By Torleif Sorenson on 6/11/13
Media blogger Ed Sherman recently got some conversation time with Golf Channel's president, Mike McCarley. Given golf Channel's ever-increasing ratings, it was a pleasant conversation with a couple of softballs, but McCarley offered a couple of interesting insights into how they landed an Olympic swimming champion...
"When we signed Michael Phelps (for The Haney Project), we did the deal on a Saturday morning and he was swimming that night (in the Olympics). That would not happen without NBC's Olympic connection."
...the development of their studio shows...
"Your viewers are telling you what they want. You can adjust to what they're responding to. Feherty was a 30-minute show; now it is a hour. Haney was 30 minutes, now a hour. We've gone seven days a week with Morning Drive, and it has evolved into all aspects of the game, not just pro golf. That's been important.

"We had great feedback on our re-airing of the 1971 U.S. Open playoff at Merion. Jason Dufner was one-man promotional machine for us. He was tweeting about it and telling his followers."
...and even Brandel Chamblee's on-air commentary:
"Brandel studies and prepares as much as anyone in the business. He's like a coach preparing for a game. When it comes time, he's able to deliver a well-informed opinion. He can argue either side of an issue. He probably should have been a trial attorney."
The McCarley interview was nice, but without any bombshells or jaw-dropping details. Nevertheless, this writer would be a bit more satisfied if McCarley could start getting Chamblee to sit up straight while he's on-camera.

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