Poulter Puts Up
By Torleif Sorenson on 6/19/13
Nobody can accuse Ian Poulter of being shy and withdrawing — especially online. But a few of his countrymen got a bit perturbed when he began singing the praises of 16-year-old Sam Horsfield, who was born in England but now lives in Florida.
"I first met Sam three years ago and he is without doubt the best young golfer I have ever seen. He already hits the ball as long as me and when he decides to come out on Tour he's going to be the real deal. I would say already that if he decided now to turn pro and join the European Tour, even at the age of 16, he would be easily good enough to win enough money to keep his playing card."
But then, Poulter tweeted about him on Tuesday. It appears that the second post from the bottom (below) made other golfers in England a little peeved:

As Mike Dawes of the Daily Mail reports, after Poulter received some backlash online for his comments, Poulter didn't shut up — he decided to "put up":

Ian Poulter is obviously smarter and more talented than the average golfer; we've never known him to toss around praise nonchalantly. So, assuming the English Golf Union clears the idea and that it won't cost any of the participants their amateur status, this writer would love to see that happen.

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bkuehn1952 says:
Include Mustang playing from the forward tees and let's make this a real battle!
srogers13 says:
BK, just hope we don't have an occurance of a hole-in-one in that scenario.
DaRupp13 says:
@bkuehn - i love where this community has gone. "What else can we get Nathan to do on a dare?!"
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