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English Club Member Banned For 'Ball Tampering'
By Torleif Sorenson on 6/26/13
If you thought the USGA bureaucrat who melted down over Casey Martin using a cart just to watch a U.S. Junior Amateur qualifier was having a bad day...

From the sleepy little tourist hamlet of Sleaford, in Lincolnshire, England, comes the eye-opening story of 73-year-old Richard Tacey, a member of Sleaford Golf Club for 45 years. Mr. Tacey has served twice as club captain and was reportedly due to be club president in 2013.

That is, until three fellow club members allegedly saw Tacey move his ball during a competition on April 6.

As reported by the Sleaford Standard, the club released this statement:
"The member was allowed the right of appeal, which was heard at an Extraordinary General Meeting of the members and his peers, on Thursday June 13. The member's appeal was rejected by the overwhelming majority of the members present, which totalled in excess of 200."
Now Tacey is banned from the club. For three years.

The Standard interviewed the man's son, Andrew Tacey, who insists that his father "was well known for his knowledge of the rules of golf and would often be the first port of call for any questions relating to the rules of golf." They also quote Tacey the younger as saying that his father views this as "the end of the road for his involvement in the game."


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Image via Sleaford Golf Club

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bkuehn1952 says:
One has to think there is something more going on here than a case of someone moving a ball. I guess if he kicked his ball out from under a tree and then tried to tell everyone he made "par" he got what he deserved. On the other hand, if this is a case of a ball slightly moving and he didn't see it but three busybodies did AND rather than tell him they ran off to the committee, the club should be ashamed.

My guess is that he ticked off a majority of the members over the past 45 years and everyone was dreading his ascendency to president. So when some members reported the incident they jumped on it as an excuse to pass him over for president.
legitimatebeef says:
Huzzah for them. The whole point of having a club is being able to kick out people you don't like.
mmontisano says:
if he's paying his yearly and monthly dues, CAN they kick him out? and is he still paying his dues while in exile? this whole thing sounds strange. at 73, who even knows if he'll still be alive after the three years anyway.
Matt McGee says:
Coincidentally, here in the States, the English surname Tacey is pronounced "Smails."
jcstoll says:
There must be a back-story. Banning for 3 years is excessive. Even if he's a repeat offender. Why not just ban him from competitions?
Torleif Sorenson says:
jcstoll: I was thinking the same thing, but I cannot afford the expensive phone calls to the U.K. to snoop around. ("Inquiring minds *want* to know...")
toothid says:
And then "the powers that be" wonder why golf participation is on the decline
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