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Pre-injury Tiger during the U.S. Open at Merion
Faldo Said, Tiger Said
By Torleif Sorenson on 6/27/13
Tiger Woods has played around — and occasionally through — various injuries throughout his entire career, most famously by winning the 2008 U.S. Open at Torrey Pines while playing on a shredded knee. Tiger already announced that he will not play in the AT&T National, a tournament he hosts, in part so that he has time to recover before the Open Championship at Muirfield.

But CBS Sports golf color analyst Nick Faldo, a six-time major champion himself, sent tongues wagging when he recently analyzed Tiger's game thusly: "He's not in a good mental place."

At his press conference on Wednesday, Tiger calmly responded to that opinion:
"I've won four times."
As for his arm injury / "Merion elbow," Woods said that he is treating it with ultrasound, ice, and anti-imflammatories. Clearly, Woods is not dealing with Patrice Bergeron-level injuries, so as with any golfer preparing for the Open, we hope that Tiger will be as close to 100% as possible when he arrives at Muirfield.

Press conference video

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Image via Flickr, Omar Rawlings

[ comments ]
birdieXris says:
I could definitely see where Faldo is coming from. I don't think it's mental as much as it's physical. His consistency is really suffering. Looking at his tournaments, yea he's won 4 times - by playing well. When he hasn't won, he's in the dumpster (with the exception of the masters). That being said, who knows which Tiger is going to show up at Muirfield this year. I'm expecting him not to make the cut, between injury and inconsistency.
jrbizzle says:
I'm sure some of Tiger's issues are mental, but I don't think it weighs on him unless other things come undone. It's been long enough since the "the scandal" that I think Tiger deals with his past as well as possible, and honestly does not bring it to the golf course when he tees it up on hole #1. But sure, if things start to go bad, it's probably a little tougher to clear the head. But I think late this year and into next year if he can somehow stay healthy, he'll be just fine. He's had very little time to adjust to new equipment, caddy, course set ups, etc. That was one of the things he excelled at - Tiger's world was protected. He had a long time caddy, he had Nike custom tailoring a ball just to his needs, consistent equipment, etc. Almost all of that has been in flux - in addition to a new coach. I think h's on the verge of something big again, his four victories this year are nothing to sneeze at. I see a major or two by the end of 2014.
joe jones says:
Was it necessary for Faldo to point out what is apparent to most fans.Is Tiger as all winning as he was when he was younger? No. Are injuries a large part in his problems. Yes. The fact that he has won four times already this year show that he is still the best on the tour. He has the potential to win a few more this year. How many times has Faldo won four events or more in one year? Tiger may never win another major but he is an odds on favorite to pass Snead's winning record.Everyone should relax and enjoy what ever results he has. He is still the best act in town. Enjoy him for as long as he is around. You will probably never see another like him.
Matt McGee says:
Pardon me if I sound a bit negative, but:
If Tiger's not in "a good mental place," then what's wrong with the two million golfers who aren't as good as he is? Moreover, who gives a crap about his psychological status? No one asks about Brant Snedeker's "mental place," or Keegan Bradley's "mental place." Furthermore, why is it newsworthy that Nick Faldo said something? Who cares what he says? He's a golfer who now gets paid to talk about golf.
Watch Tiger play golf. He's pretty good.
srogers13 says:
Matt, you forget, it is SIR Nick Faldo, that means the Brits hang on his every word.
C-4 says:
Did you hear the crickets at the interview when Tiger said, " I have won four times". ...Priceless....still the best to ever play the game and also the reason we have as much golf dialogue as we do!
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