Country clubbers, social scientists
By Torleif Sorenson on 6/27/13
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From Tom Ley of Deadspin comes an utterly compelling stooooooory of the examination of the interface between cotton twill textiles and expensive, socially correct clubs...


Perhaps only Almighty God knows why the board of governors of Chester Valley Golf Club, located outside Philadelphia, undertook a detailed, quasi-scientific study to examine the impact of...

...allowing demin on their golf course and in their clubhouse. You'll never believe what they concluded:
"The Chester Valley Board of Governors would like to thank the membership for their input during the denim trial period. The trial period allowed the board better insight into the ramifications of such a change to our dress code.

"We tracked usage, sales and percent of diners wearing denim among other factors. Usage and sales figures for the March-April period were stable despite poor weather. Denim usage was tracked and hovered on average around 10% of diners with higher percentages on weekends. The dress code, as detailed in our by-laws with the inclusion of acceptable denim, was strictly enforced during the three month trial. The impact on the overall dining experience at the club was inconclusive."
Inconclusive? Inconceivable!

Apparently, the results were so inconclusive that they haven't updated the dress code section of their web site. Perhaps we can be thankful that they didn't use taxpayer money to fund that study...

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Photograph by Torleif Sorenson

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Duke of Hazards says:
Do cutoffs qualify as 'acceptable denim'?
falcon50driver says:
Inconceivable? You keep using that word, I do not think it means what you think it means.
mmontisano says:
would anyone like a peanut?
mjaber says:
Fesik, are there rocks ahead?
jfurr says:
@DoH -- haha
DaRupp13 says:
@mjaber if there are, we all be dead!
falcon50driver says:
I'm just waiting around here for a chance to kill you, Does that put a damper on our relationship?
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