The (Bad) Luck Of The Irish
By Torleif Sorenson on 7/3/13
David William Higgins hails from Cork, Ireland and has bounced back-and-forth between the European Tour and their second-tier circuit, the Challenge Tour. He's not a bad golfer — last year, he won the Irish PGA Championship, and won three times on the Challenge Tour in 2000.

Too bad he can't count.

To this point, only two golfers from Ireland have qualified for this year's Open Championship at Muirfield: Pádraig Harrington and Shane Lowery. In trying to become the third to qualify, Higgins found himself in a playoff at one of four Local Final Qualifying venues for the Open, specifically at North Berwick against Gareth Wright and George Murray. But, as the Belfast Telegraph reported yesterday, Higgins looked in his bag during the first hole of that playoff...

...and it all came undone:
"We headed for the tee. I hit a good tee shot and good second to about 15 feet. I was hunkered down reading my putt when the thought suddenly came into my head, 'F***, did I take that other rescue out of the bag?' I stood up and felt a bit sick in my stomach as I walked over to the bag to check. And there she was looking up at me! B****x.

"It was a horrible thing to happen, but I have no-one to blame only myself. I guess the excitement/adrenaline rush of getting another opportunity to play in the greatest golf event in the world clouded my judgement and I made a mistake."
This isn't the first time Higgins has been jinxed; in 1997, he suffered a broken left wrist and broken right elbow in a horse-riding accident.

Kudos to Higgins for being honest and owning up to the mistake. Here's hoping that qualifying in 2014 goes better for him than it did this year.

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Duke of Hazards says:
..................................... (crickets) ..........
joe jones says:
At least he didn't blame the caddy like most pro's do. Usually it never seems to be the players fault.I like his " no one to blame but myself" admission.
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