When I Say "Jump"...
By Torleif Sorenson on 7/9/13
Ian Poulter is the 20th-ranked golfer in the world, according to the official rankings and although he hasn't yet won a major championship, he has won two WGC events on the PGA Tour. Last autumn in Chicago, Poulter was a rock star for the European Ryder Cup team that stunned the sports world.

With the Open Championship coming up next week at Muirfield, Poulter has decided he needs a new putter for the event. As usual, he advertised his predicament on Twitter:

Golf club manufacturers responded. Boy, did they respond...

So, not only does Poulter have several new wands he can shake down before the Open, but he also now has one fewer distraction in his life:

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Images via Twitter, Ian Poulter

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snkli says:
I didn't even know you could finish the Candy Crush game. Thought it just went on, and on, and on.

Oh, yeah ... great news for Ian he get's more swag from OEM's.
bducharm says:
I'm going to try the same thing - I'm going to "sack" my putter on Twitter and see what happens!!! LOL
Matt F says:
I'm going one better...I'm sacking my wife on twitter!
birdieXris says:
@SNKLI - you can finish it -- for now.. Then they come out with new levels. I think the fact that she did get to the end is a testament to how much she actually played it. haha. Or a testament on how dull IJP is. : )
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