"He's got to be intelligent and find the right wife"
By mustang6560 on 7/30/13
The latest older major champion to offer Rory McIlroy criticism unsolicited advice is Gary Player.

The nine-time major champion gave the two-time major champion (and defending PGA Championship champion) two pieces of advice: 1) play more, and 2) find the right wife.
"I love Rory McIlroy, he's got talent like you can't believe but I was quite perturbed when I saw him win the US Open and then the next tournament that he played was one month later.

"You can't do that. What he should have done was take a week off after winning the US Open to settle down and then play two tournaments and then the Open. You've got to prepare properly.

"He has a few problems at this stage of his life but everyone has problems. There is no Utopia everyone has a problem of some kind.

"He'll sort it out. He's got wonderful parents. He's got great talent. He'll come back.

"When you're in love as a young man naturally golf seems to take second place for a while. It's natural. Love is still the greatest thing that ever happens in our lives.

"But the thing is for a man like Rory with talent galore he's got to make sure he has a woman like I've got, who has been married [to me] for 56 years, that has only encouraged me to do well and made sacrifices.

"He's got to be intelligent and find the right wife. If he finds the right wife, if he practices and if he's dedicated, he could be the man."
I wonder if Caroline Wozniacki knows she's being blamed almost as much for Rory's poor form as his equipment change?

If Gary truly loves Rory and wants the best for him, then why is he giving advice through the media? Pick up and phone and call the Ulsterman, Gary!

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Torleif Sorenson says:
You might think that Mr. Player is being snarky, but in reality, he has a point. The girl I was married to interfered with my college homework and studying, interfered with some badly needed sleep I needed before a studio recording session, and of course basically kept me from playing golf for eight years.

And if I ever get my Christian-themed novel published, you'll be able to read "the hamster story." It's a doozy.

"It is better to live alone in the desert
   than with a quarrelsome, complaining wife."
— Proverbs 21:19 (NLT)
joe jones says:
Sorry Gary. I was fortunate to find the right wife and we are going on 50 years come Sept. 28th. She has been supportive of my golf habit but it didn,t improve my golf very much. That said I wouldn't trade the years for anything else.Like the old saying goes. " A happy,happy wife makes a happy, happy life". Or something like that.
mmontisano says:
what's wrong with putting life ahead of your job?
legitimatebeef says:
Gary has said a lot of obnoxious stuff before but this time he has finally gone too far.
Wayneo says:
@badcaddy, nothing at all so long as one is completely aware of the fact that's what they're doing. These Pro's need to be focused and practice, and if his life is more important than winning Majors, nothing wrong with that.
C-4 says:
AMEN!!!! Torleif
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