The Ricocheted Tee Shot
By mustang6560 on 7/12/13
In the first round of the U.S. Senior Open, Mark O'Meara fired a bogey-free 3-under-par 67 to finish in a record seven-way tie for the lead.

But his impressive, blemish-free round almost wasn't.

On the par-3 16th at Omaha Country Club, O'Meara was the recipient of a very rare, very bad break. According to the two-time major champion, he hit a "pretty solid" tee shot. Instead of landing softly on the front of the green and releasing back to the pin, his ball hit Mark Calcavecchia's ball, which was already on the green, and ricocheted off the back.

Instead of saying "Woe, is me" and giving up on the hole, O'Meara scrambled like the consummate professional he is to save his par. After the round, he did express his frustration about the bad break.
No, I wasn't very happy. I hit a good shot. It would have probably been about pin high, about 14 feet left of the hole. Instead, I'm struggling to make a par. It would be one thing if I didn't hit a good shot, but I hit it pretty solid.
I would've embedded the video for your viewing pleasure, however, the executives at Golf Channel decided they're too good to provide the embed code for its videos. Alas, if you want to see the shot, then you'll have to click here to watch round one highlights on, which is exactly what the executives at Golf Channel want you to do. The highlight starts at the 1:56 mark.

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Image via Flickr, The Principal Charity Classic

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Banker85 says:
you mean the lowlight starts at the 1:546 mark
mustang6560 says:
I'm not sure a bad break qualifies as a lowlight...
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