The Will To Go Low
By Torleif Sorenson on 7/15/13
Steven Alker from Hamilton, New Zealand won the Tour's Utah Championship yesterday afternoon. Too bad that almost nobody is talking about it.

That's because Alabama native Will Wilcox, who started the day ten shots back T-38, shot a 59 on Sunday.

Wilcox finished T-3, one shot out of Alker's playoff with Australian pro Ashley Hall. Starting his round at the 10th hole, Wilcox sprinted out of the gate with four consecutive birdies at 10 through 13. Following a birdie at 16, Wilcox nailed an eagle at 17. Five more birdies on the first nine — including his final two holes of the day — put him in some fine company, including Jason Gore, Notah Begay III, and Doug Dunakey.

Interestingly, Wilcox could have been gunning for a 58:
"Looking back, I missed a really easy birdie putt on No. 7, my 16th hole. It was probably no more than two-and-a-half, maybe three feet. I hit just a terrible putt. So if I was nervous during the round, it came at my 16th and 17th holes. When I missed that short one on 16, I was nervous because I had three feet coming back for par. I also knew I needed to bury the putt on 17 to give myself a chance at 59 on my closing hole. But I made it, and that set me up for the finish."
Reaction from the Twitter-verse has been a little slow, but Jason Gore and Rickie Fowler have been very gracious:

We at oobgolf congratulate Will Wilcox on his impressive bit of golf history!

Press conference transcript

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Kurt the Knife says:
jeez, i might score that in nine.
jasonfish11 says:
I really dont know how this is even possible. I'm not good by any means but when I look at good rounds I have and think where I gave up strokes. I can pick 5 to 7 spots where I should have had 1 less stroke. So I turn my 79 into a "mental" 73, 14 shots worse then his actual score.
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