Muirfield during an average year (2007)
"Yellow" Muirfield?
By Torleif Sorenson on 7/15/13
Firm. Fast. Fiery.

That's the assessment of Muirfield Golf Links, just days from the opening tee-shot of the 142nd Open Championship. And according to the AP, Tiger Woods like it that way.
"Absolutely. You're kind of hoping for this when you come over here. You have just have to get a feel for how far it's running out, whether it's downwind or into the wind."
In fact, locals and observers are saying that this is the first really "yellow" open since 2006 at Royal Liverpool Golf Club, Hoylake.

Tiger won that Open.

With the course becoming even more "yellow" as a result of a lack of rain, following a very wet spring, the added challenge of not really knowing where the ball will wind up adds to the pressure. This week's forecast calls for more dry conditions. And depending on how hard the winds are blowing, Padraig Harrington says this week's champion will need to be able to control their shots:
"It's amazing golf," Harrington said. "Someone genuinely can hit a drive 400 yards, and then turn around and be able to carry it 240 yards. It suits the guy who can manipulate his golf ball, which is what links golf is all about."
Would any of you like to bet against Mr. You-Know-Who? :-P

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Image via Flickr, John Mundy

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mjaber says:
I'd bet against him... but I can't afford to.
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