Will Lee win his first
major at Muirfield?
Lee Westwood Hires New Swing Coach
By mustang6560 on 7/16/13
Last offseason, Lee Westwood moved to Florida.

Last week, he hired Ian Baker-Finch as his putting coach.

This week, Lee revealed his new swing coach is Sean Foley, whose stable includes Tiger Woods, reigning U.S. Open winner Justin Rose, and Hunter Mahan.
Westwood, who split with Pete Cowen in August last year, has been looking for "a new set of eyes" since May and was evidently impressed by Foley's burgeoning reputation as the best coach in the game.

While his short game has been transformed since moving to Florida last December his long game has tailed off and he was eager to make the required repairs before the first round on Thursday.

"When you look at what Sean has achieved with Tiger and Justin, plus the likes of Hunter Mahan, you've got to say he is in the top drawer as a coach," Westwood said. "He obviously knows his stuff."
Each move was made with one goal in mind — to win a major championship.

I applaud Lee's determination — a lesser man may have given up by now. Muirfield is supposed to be the "fairest test in links golf", which should favor a good ball striker such as the Englishman. If Lee is near the top of the leaderboard come Sunday, it'll be hard to root against him.

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Wes11point5 says:
I think that is a good move. His game is very solid but he could have won a couple of majors by now if his putting didn't let him down.
joe jones says:
Finch lost his game completely when he tried to change his swing. It may be wonderful if he can impart the good parts of his game to Westwood. Ian was one of the best putters on the tour for a while. I hope he can teach a method that works.Westwood deserves a major win and time is running out.
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